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FO Series Fiber Optic Slip Ring (Fiber-Electric Rotary Joint)

FO series Fiber Optic slip ring also called Fiber-Electric slip ring,Fiber Optic Rotary Joint. Adopt fiber to trasmit signal, used to any devices to transmit elctricity and Fiber signal when 360° rotating ,such as HD video transmission system, microwave communication, medical equipment, sensor signal measurement, radar and video monitoring system, etc. Specially suitable for some applications which requires to keep continous or intermittent rotating and transmit mass data from static side to rotation side, which can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and avoiding damages to fiber when rotating. Can be combined with the traditional electric slip ring to transmit power and high-speed data.

  1. FO series Fiber Optic slip ringFO series Fiber Optic slip ring
  2. FO series Fiber Optic slip ringFO series Fiber Optic slip ring
  3. FO series Fiber Optic slip ringFO series Fiber Optic slip ring
Can transmit single or multi channels fiber optic signal;
Fiber connector : FC、SC、ST、SMA or LC (PC /APC),etc optional;
Can be combined to transmit power, control signal, micropower signal of computer antomative control ;
Can be combined with the traditional electric slip ring to transmit power and high-speed data;
Non contact, no friction, long working life, >100 million revolutions (2-3 millions revolutions for signal channel model);
Safe and reliable, no electromagnetic interference long-distance transmission.
Part no. description
FO - Fiber Channel no. - Power circuits no. - Signal circuits no. - Fiber type - Connector type - wavelength
Fiber/ Fiber-Electric
slip ring code
100:signal channel Fiber optic rotary joint
200:two channels Fiber optic rotary joint
0610:06 means 6 circuits,10 means 10A per circuit
06S:06 means 6 circuits,
S means signal
Fiber type code:
01:9/125um(Single mode)
02:50/125um(multi mode)
03:62.5/125um(multi mode)
Connector type
code :

FC:FC connector
ST:ST connector
SC:SC connector
LC:LC connector
t connecter interface
is PC by defaul,
if need APC
FC/APC pls add APC,
(Single mode)
(multi mode)
For example

FO100-01-FC-01: FO100 means single channel Fiber Optic rotary joint,the first 01 means Fiber type 9/125um(single mode) , FC means FC connector, fiber interface PC, the second 01 means wavelength :1310/1550;

FO208-06S-LC/APC-02: FO208 means 2 channels Fiber-Electric rotary joint, 06S means 6 circuits signal, 03 means Fiber type 62.5/125m(multi-mode), LC/APC means LC connector, APC interface , 02 means wavelength :850/1310;

*Remark: If you have special requirements for fiber channel no., electric circuit no., Fiber connector type, wavelength or wire exiting, pls contact SenRing salesman.

Model List
Model PDF Fiber channel max circuits(power/signal) OD(mm)
1 channel010
1 channel06.8
1 channel012.7
1 channel3024.8
1 channel4854
1 channel9686
2 channel067
2 channel067
2 channel035
2 channel9686
2 channel2456
4 channel067
4 channel067
4 channel9686
4 channel2456
6 channel067
6 channel9686
6 channel9656
8 channel067
8 channel9686

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions,E-mail: [email protected]

How to choose?
SenRing FO series Fiber Optic slip ring has various of channels optional,like single channel,2 channels,4 channels,6 channels,8 channels,10 channels,etc,can be combined to conduct electricity(any channels),if you need customize the fiber optic channel no. or circuit no.,pls contact the SenRing technician.
fiber channel no.:Standard product with 1~10 channels(more channels are customizing available);
wavelength:850nm/1310nm/1550nm(can be customized 850nm/1310nm/1550nm);
Fiber length:1000mm(can be customized 1000mm);
More:We can customize any Fiber Optic slip ring or photoelectric slip ring according to customer's requirement.
Application field
SenRing SNM series Capsule slip ring can be used for any devices need to conduct electricity and transmit control signal, audio and various control signals when 360° rotating.Such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), high-speed ball, stage lights, robot, children's intelligence toys, consumer electronics.
The application of SenRing Fiber Optic slip ring in ultra hd video transmitter (uav);
SenRing Fiber Optic make 3D laser scanner to achieve 360 ° x360 ° omni-directional scanning;
The application of SenRing Fiber Optic slip ring in (autonomous car)low-cost laser radar technology;
The application of SenRing Fiber Optic slip ring,Pneumatic slip ring and Electric slip ring in centrifugal simulation laboratory (centrifuge);
The application of SenRing FO018 Fiber Optic slip ring in Ultra HD video transmitter.
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324

Remark:"1" : the first wire (ring 1#)starts from rotor side , such as FO608-S06 wire color sequence: BLK/BRN/RED/ORG/WHT/GRN , 24 color wires as one group , if more than 24wires, repeat as sequence , use number tube to tell group 1#, 2#....

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