Industrial Bus Slip Rings(Custom)

Industrial Bus Slip Rings(Custom Slip Rings)

Senring SNB series Industrial Bus Signal Slip Ring includes all kinds of Industrial Bus Signal Slip Rings, such as :Canbus, Profibus, RS-232, USB, 1000M Ethernet, coaxial RF, VGA, etc., it cam meet the needs to transmit various signals accurately at the meantime through one slip ring when devices 360° rotating. B series advantages: independent design patent, cost-effective, high data transmitting speed and stable performance. The contact matrials adopt the technology of precious metal + hard gold plating , strongly wear resistant and antioxidative chactrecter ensures long working life.

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accurately transmit high speed data;
stably transmit all kinds of signals, such as, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, VGA, etc.;
accurately transmit all kinds of industrical bus signals , such as: Profibus, LonWorks, CanBus, DeviceNet, ControlNet;
transmit mixed signals, such as, USB,HDMI, 1000M ethernet, fiber optic, VGA, DVI, coaxial RF (high frequency), etc.;
stably transmit Ethernet data(10M / 100M / 1000M BaseT);
Part no. description
B    boundary dimension   power circuits   signal circuits   signal Channels/code
B:Industrial bus slip ring
For example:
M056:M :solid without hole,056 : OD 56mm
H1286:H through hole ,1286 :ID12.7mm,OD 86mm
For example:
0610:06: 6circuits,10:10A
1230:12:12circuits,30 :30A
For example:
02E:2 channels 1000M Eethernet(total 18circuits)
03U:3 channels USB2.0 (total 15circuits)
More signal type pls refer to below list
For example:
06S:06:6 circuits,S:signal
12S:12:12 circuits,S:signal
code list of signal type:

F - 100M Ethernet (10, 100 BaseT Ethernet) - RJ45 (4circuits)

E - 1000M Ethernet (1000 BaseT Ethernet) - RJ45 (9circuits)

P - Profibus (Profibus - 4-Pin D-Sub) (4circuits)

C - Canbus (Canbus - 4-Pin D-Sub) (4circuits)

D - Device Net - 5 Pin Micro Change (5 circuits)

T - Control Net - 75 Ω BNC (4circuits)

V - VGA (9circuits)

H - HDMI (19circuits)

U - USB 2.0 (5circuits)

Q - Coaxial signal (Coax - 75 Ω BNC)(2circuits)

R - RS485 (3circuits)

R1 - RS422(5circuits)

R2 - RS232(3circuits)

B - Servo motor encoder signal(8circuits)

E1 - Industrial Ethernet (9circuits)

For example

BM056-0610-02U: Industrial bus slip ring,total,total 16 circuits,without hole(solid), OD 56mm,6 [email protected]+2 channel USB2.0.

BH50130-0410-02U-03E-01C: Industrial bus slip ring,total 45 circuits,hole size 50mm, OD 130mm,4 [email protected]+2 channel USB2.0+3 channel (1000M)Gigabit Ethernet+1 channel CanBus.

Remark: Any special requiremets for hole size, OD, Length, signal type, exit position of cables , please feel free to contact us.

model list
model PDF ID(mm) OD (mm) max. circuits no. max. voltage signal type(optional)
without hole(solid) 56mm 2~36 wires 240VAC/DC 100M/1000M Ethernet,Profibus,CanBus,Device Net,RS485,RS422,RS232,Control Net,VGA,USB 2.0,HDMI, coaxial signal, Servo motor Encoder signal, industrial Ethernet, HD-SDI signal, RF signal, etc.
without hole(solid) 99mm 2~120 wires 440VAC/DC
12.7mm 86mm 2~96 wires 440VAC/DC
25.4mm 99mm 2~96 wires 690VAC/DC
38.1mm 119mm 2~168 wires 690VAC/DC
50mm 130mm 2~96 wires 440VAC/DC
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no. color ring no. color
1 black 13 WHT/BLK
2 brown 14 WHT/BRN
3 red 15 WHT/RED
4 orange 16 WHT/ORG
5 yellow 17 WHT/YEL
6 green 18 WHT/GRN
7 blue 19 WHT/BLU
8 purple 20 WHT/PUR
9 grey 21 WHT/GRY
10 white 22 BLK/RED
11 pink 23 BLK/BRN
12 lightblue 24 transparent




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