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SNK Series Pancake Slip Rings(Min. Thickness 6.5mm)

Produced by Senring developed pancake slip ring,As another form of though hole slip rings, pancake slip rings are designed for somewhere vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive. Special high vacuum sealing technology & precious metal brush ensure the high reliability transmitting and rotating performance of slip ring. With many advantages such as low torque ,low friction, low electrical noise and long life, pancake slip rings are mainly applied to transmit precise signal together with power, also could be combined with fluid media transmitting(such as hydraulic or pneumatic..)

  1. 12 rings pancake slip ring
  2. PCB slip ring
SNK series specailly designed for the rotary systems where limited vertical space
Min.thickness 6.5mm,OD100mm,through hole with many hole sizes or solid optional
Advanced spring fiber brush technology ensures low friction,low contact resistance, no friction chips

Part no. description
K - shape - hole size - power circuits - signal circuits - Product grade
Slip Rings
2: horizontal expansion
(the same thickness,
OD changing)
3: vertical expansion
(the thickness changing,
the same OD)
12:hole size: 12.7mm
25:hole size: 25.4mm
38:hole size: 38.1mm
50:hole size: 50mm
0610:6 [email protected]
1230:12 [email protected]
02S:2 circuits signal
@2A(5A options)
08S:08 circuits signal
@2A(5A options)

K212-02S:K means Pancake slip ring,the first “2”means the shape of slip ring with horizontal expansion (the same thickness, OD changing), ”12” means hole size 12.7mm,”02S” means 2 circuits signal.

K350-0610-06S:K Pancake slip ring, “3”means the shape of slip ring with vertical expansion (the thickness changing,the same OD), ”50” means hole size 50 mm,”0610” means 6 circuits 10A current,”06S” means 6 circuits signal.

Model List
model PDF hole size(mm) height
12.7 20 2∼24
25.4 22 2∼48
38.1 30 2∼24
50 30 2∼48
70 30 2∼48
12.7 15.8∼77.4 2∼24
25.4 17.1∼91.9 2∼24
38.1 17.1∼91.9 2∼24
50 17.1∼91.9 2∼24
80 18.2∼88.6 2∼24

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions,E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]

How to choose slip ring models
There is no natural difference among SNK series pancake slip rings, through hole slip ring and capsule slip ring. They all can be used to conduct electricity, through hydraulic and vacuum or transmit various signals for the devices where need 360° rotating. The length of through hole slip ring and capsule slip ring can be lengthened longitudinally without limitation.But pancake slip ring transmits more current and signal channels through infinite transverse expansion on slip ring diameter (ring number). The available installation room of equipment shall be sure when you are choosing the model. If the room of rotating parts is limited, SNK series pancake slip ring can be considered. With years of researching and developing and manufacturing experience, Senring currently has a mature technology. The thickess of slip ring here even can reach to 6mm, which can meet most of the precision equipments that have compact room. Listed in the website are standard products of Senring. If you can not find suitable models here, please contact the sales personnel of Senring to make customization. All the parameters including hole size, height (thickess), OD, materials, IP grade, etc. of slip rings can be customized.
height(thickness): 6-30mm (Kinds of thickess can be customized);
hole size : Without hole(solid)~120mm,other hole size can be customized;
Rings: 2~36(more Rings can be customized; the more rings, the more current channels or signals);
More specfication: Can customize more parameters; can design through hole slip ring with any specs. according to the requirements of customers.
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324
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