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HF Series High Frequency Coaxial RF Rotary Joint

High Frequency/Coaxial/Microwave Rotary Joint(High Frequency slip ring)

Senring HF series RF high frequency/microwave coaxial rotary joint is used in the 360° continuous rotation devices to transfer DC~50GHz high frequency signals.Application for satellite Antenna,vehicle,radar,Microwave antenna test bench....etc,it can be support single-channel or multi-channels high frequency for transmission, also support 1~2 channel DC~50GHz RF signals, communication,1~96 circuits power or signals supply, fluid mixing transmission medium. High frequency signal is used by 50Ω impedance of RF coaxial structure. for others connector can be switching, and lead wire RG178、RG316、RG174 available.

  1. 3~18GHz rf rotary jointV3~18GHz rf rotary joint
  2. 3GHz high frequency rotary jointV3~18GHz high frequency rotary joint
  3. customized rf coaxial microwave rotary jointcustomized rf coaxial microwave rotary joint
It is used in the 360° continuous rotation devices to transfer high frequency signals;
Support 1~2channel RF Channel;
Can be combine power/signal transmitting(1~96 wires);
Low insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio;
Application for satellite Antenna,Ship-borne,vehicle,radar,Microwave antenna test bench....etc;
Part No. description
HF RF Channel - Frequency - OD(mm) - Power Circuits(10A) - Signal Circuits(0~2A)
HF:RF rotary joint
For example:
01: 1 channel
02: 2 channel
For example:
03: DC~3GHz
18: DC~18GHz
50: DC~50GHz
For example:
07: OD 7mm
12: OD 12.7mm
For example:
0610:6 [email protected]
1230:12 [email protected]
For example:
06S:6 circuits [email protected]
12S:12 circuits [email protected]

HF0103-17: singal channel RF coaxial rotary joint,frequency DC~3GHz,OD 7mm;

HF0103-22-12S: singal channel RF coaxial rotary joint+12 circuits [email protected],frequency DC~3GHz,OD 22mm;

HF0118-56-0610-12S: singal channel RF coaxial rotary joint+6 [email protected]+12 circuits [email protected],frequency DC~18GHz,OD 56mm;

HF0218-64-1205: singal channel RF coaxial rotary joint+12 circuits [email protected],frequency DC~18GHz,OD 64mm;

Model List
Model PDF RF Channels Frequency Rate(GHz) OD(mm) Electrical channels(0~10A) Connector typel
1 channel DC~3GHz 7mm 0 connector type: coax RG405 (can add SMA,MCX,MMCX connectors)
1 channel DC~3GHz 22mm 1~12
1 channel DC~3GHz 32.8mm 13~24
1 channel DC~18GHz 12.7mm 0 SMA-K + SMA-K
1 channel DC~18GHz 32.8mm 1~24
1 channel DC~18GHz 56mm 1~48
1 channel DC~18GHz 86mm 1~96
1 channel DC~50GHz 12.7mm 0 2.4(K)-F + 2.4(K)-F
1 channel DC~50GHz 56mm 1~48
2 channel channel 1: DC~18GHz
 channel 2: DC~4.5GHz
31.8mm 0 SMA-K + SMA-K
2 channel channel 1: DC~18GHz
 channel 2: DC~4.5GHz
64mm 1~24

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions,E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]

How to choose High Frequency slip ring models
For choosing a suitable model of Senring HF series high frequency /RF coaxial rotary joint , many factors should be considered , such as Frequency,Input/Ouput connector,VSWR,Insertion loss fluctuation,Insertion loss,Signal power channels ,if standard models can't match your requirements ,need to combine power/signal transmitting or any other special requirements about signal type,current,voltage, dimension,material, wires exit directions .... pls contact us for custom solutions.
High frequency channel: 1~2 channel
Frequency Rate: DC~18GHz;
Power/Signal Circuits: 12~24 circuits(2A,Can be customized);
More Specification : More specification: more specification can be customized according to requirement.。
Senrig high frequency rotary joint is used in the 360° continuous rotation devices to transfer high frequency signals,microwave signal,analog and digital signals,is application pplication for satellite Antenna,vehicle,radar,Microwave antenna test bench....etc;
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324

Remark: "1" : the first wire from rotor side , HHF0103-22-12S wire color sequence: black,brown,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple,grey
white,pink,lightblue, 24 color wires as one group , if more than 24wires, repeat as sequence , use number tube to tell group 1#, 2#....

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