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Video presentation of installation method for Senring mini capsule slip ring

2017-06-08 12:30Slip rings

How to install a slip ring? How to install a capsule slip ring? Many first users of Senring slip ring don't know how to install the capsule slip ring when they receiving them, so we specially made this video of slip ring installation.

Based on different model, Senring capsule slip ring has many specifications. Some of them have flange, but some of them don't have. Although this video show us the installation method of capsule slip ring with flange, in fact, no matter there is flange or not, the installation method is similar. Because the torque of this slip ring is very small, sometimes the flange do not need to be fixed. Just insert the slip ring into the shaft sleeve directly, and then fix the conductor of the rotor and the stator part.

model# OD(mm) circuits no. Max current PDF

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Application area of Senring pneumatic rotary joints (pneumatic slip ring)
Senring pneumatic slip ring is mainly used in automatic station and some devices that need to transmit kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic when 360° rotating. In addition, it can be combined to conduct electricity or transmit other signals.

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