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Communication experts abroad use Senring capsule slip ring to creat DIY high-specs FPV antenna tracker(I)-slip ring factory

2014-12-31 11:20Slip rings

This article is from a professional personnel abroad, who is an expert in radio aspect but is also familar in copying code. This project makes use of a high-spec antenna tracker Senring slip ring made by Senring slip ring and related components.The DIY Antenna Tracker)。

This tracker has been developed for a year. Originally, the FrSky telemetry receiver was used to transmit the aircraft location information to the tracker. However, this project can be completed only by using a FSK modem through the audio channel in video connection or the part that is not used in the video protocol itself.

Unfortunately, in the passes times, some files were not be saved. I hope the change could be made in the following weeks.
Through continuously rotating of slip ring, the tracker could track the aerocraft continuously.
Many ways transmitting the telemetry information provide redundancy for this important data.
As the secondary product that send telemetry data through video, OSD can aso do it well.
Look at the structural parts guide, but I plan to replace it in 3D soon
If you look carefully, you should be able to buy these parts in about $100.

Following is the materials list(price and source of materials)

Click the picture to watch the tracker operation in YouTube

major parts of tracker
Airborne telemetry
Antenna Tracker controller board
Elevation servo
Azimuth Turntable
Azimuth servo motor
Azimuth Sliprings,8550.0.html
(Needs sign in to,8832.0.html V2 was designed using the superb FreeCad.

Airborne telemetry

At first, the telemetry data were sent from a vehicle using the Frsky RC bidirectional telemetry system, and the data was obtained by Ardupilot, which used Mavlink Agreement to output data.

The second option is to send telemetry data through an audio channel connected to video, which has been adopted and works well.

Trackers outside test video.

The third option is to transmit data using the unused portion of video, which is relatively easy to produce full-screen OSD in the process.

Wireless device circuit diagram
Wireless device circuit diagram
Trackers outside test video.
Trackers outside test video. Trackers outside test video.
Trackers outside test video.
Stm32f4 Discovery board
Stm32f4 Discovery board

of the translation This is a technical article with a long content. And the later part will be updated after translation, please look forward to it!)
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