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The DIY Antenna Tracker(Key components used Capsule slip ring produced by Senring)

2014-11-06 11:21Slip rings

Do not want to spend money to buy antenna tracker, then automatically do a hands-on! The key material in addition to Serip (Senring) series SNM012A-12 series miniature capsule slip ring(Azimuth Sliprings), also need to Airborne telemetry, Antenna Tracker controller board, Elevation servo, Azimuth, Turntable, Azimuth servo motor.

SenRing SNM012 series capsule slip ring application for Antenna Tracker

SenRing SNM012 series capsule slip ring application for Antenna Tracker

The goal of this project is to build a high spec FPV antenna tracker that is also affordable.

The tracker has been under development for a year or so now. Originally it used an FrSky telemetry receiver to transmit the information regarding the planes position back to the tracker, but as the project has evolved the ability to use an FSK Modem via an audio channel of the Video link or to use the unused parts of the video protocol itself has been incorporated. 

SenRing SNM012 series capsule slip ring

diy antenna tracker v2 testing

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