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M220 Series Medium Capsule Slip Ring

OD 22mm , 2~36wires power/signal(2A/5A/10A/30A)

Senring SNM022 series medium capsule slip ring,OD 22mm, length from 19mm~57.3mm option,A type flange and without flange optional.SNM022 series capsule slip ring is designed 90° V- groove ensures smooth rotating, low torque, also compact, advanced military level, gold-gold contact ensures low contact resistance, stability and working life,More inquiry or solution:Sales Tel No:86-755-29717812 or email: [email protected] or [email protected]

OD 22mm;
Low torque,less than 0.06N.m
2~36 circuits(2A each),6~12circuits(5A each),2~4circuits(10A each),2~3circuits(30A each) optional;
Support transmitting power with signals;
Standard product, stocks available;
Without flange,A type flange option.
OD 22mm 2,3,4,6,8,12,18,24,36 wires medium capsule slip ring
M22A series A type flange medium capsule slip ring drawing M1220 series without flange medium capsule slip ring
Part no. description
M220 series od 22mm 2~36线滑环选型说明
Standard model list
model Circuits NO. Max current/circuit lead wire spec. Length L(mm)
M220-0662A Silver-plated teflon AWG26#19
M220-12122A Silver-plated teflon AWG26#26
M220-18182A Silver-plated teflon AWG26#33
M220-24242A Silver-plated teflon AWG26#40
M220-36362A Silver-plated teflon AWG26#57.3
M220-060565A Silver-plated teflon AWG22#40
M220-080585A Silver-plated teflon AWG22#40
M220-1205125A Silver-plated teflon AWG22#40
M220-0210210A Silver-plated teflon AWG17#26
M220-0310310A Silver-plated teflon AWG17#33
M220-0410410A Silver-plated teflon AWG17#40
M220-0230230A Silver-plated teflon AWG12#40
M220-0330330A Silver-plated teflon AWG12#47
M220-0205-12S[email protected]+12circuits [email protected]5A&AWG22#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0305-12S[email protected]+12circuits [email protected]5A&AWG22#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0605-06S[email protected]+6circuits [email protected]5A&AWG22#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0210-12S[email protected]+12circuits [email protected]10A&AWG17#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0310-06S[email protected]+6circuits [email protected]10A&AWG17#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0320-04S[email protected]+4circuits [email protected]20A&AWG14#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0410-04S[email protected]+4circuits [email protected]10A&AWG17#, signal &AWG26#40
Technical Specification of the slip ring
Mechanicall parameters Electrical parameters
Working Life 10millions for ref(depends on working conditions) Spec. Power Signal
Rotating speed 250RPM Voltage Range 0~240VAC/VDC 0~240VAC/VDC
Working Temp. -30°C~80°C Insolution Resistance ≥200MΩ/300VDC ≥200MΩ/300VDC
Work Humidity 0~85% RH Lead wire Spec. refer to model list refer to model list
Contact Material precious metal:gold-gold lead wire length standard length 150mm(can be customized)
Housing Material engineered plastic Dielectric Strength [email protected],60s
Torque 0.05N.m+0.01N.m/6 wire Electrical Noise < 0.01Ω
IP Grade IP51  
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324
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