SNH through hole slip ring series

Through hole slip ring also called hollow slip ring with centre hole. it could be applied to any devices where requires to transmit power and signals when need 360° roating :+86-755-29717812 ,,

Advanced multi-point contact brush technology ensures reliable contact with low friction;
Through hole size could be customized from 5mm to 300mm optical;
Current could be customized from 2A to 300A ;
Metal housing for better protection ;
Integrated structure design, easy installation
How to choose model?
for example, SNH012-0610, SNH means Senring though hole slip ring,“012-0610”means hole size is 12.7mm, 6 circuits each 10A, Below listed the model number is our standard products, we always have stock. if this standard can't match your needs, pls contact us for customized , like hole size, dimension, power cirucits, material, wires, and so on . For example,
circuits (wires):1-600 circuits optical;
dimension:any dimension can be customized ;
current per circuit:0.1A~500A optical;
more specification:more specification can be customized accoding to requirement
model# PDF hole size
Current/circuit voltage
12.7mm 56mm 5A、10A(customized) 250V 1000RPM
25.4mm 86mm 5A、10A(customized) 440V 600RPM
30mm 99mm 5A、10A(customized) 440V 600RPM
38.1mm 99mm 5A、10A(customized) 440V 500RPM
50mm 120mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 300RPM
60mm 130mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 300RPM
70mm 140mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 250RPM
80mm 158mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 250RPM
90mm 185mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 250RPM
100mm 185mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 250RPM
120mm 215mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 150RPM
150mm 248mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 150RPM
180mm 298mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 150RPM
200mm 320mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 150RPM
250mm 396mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 150RPM
300mm 430mm 5A、10A(customized) 600V 100RPM
through hole slip ring with small OD
model# PDF hole size
Current/circuit voltage
5mm 22mm Signal(2A)@ 250V 250RPM
12.7mm 35mm Signal(2A) @ 250V 250RPM
15mm 31.8mm Signal(2A) @ 12.24 250V 250RPM
20mm 42mm Signal(2A)@ 12 250V 250RPM
8mm 42mm Signal(5A~30)@ 250 VDC/VAC 600RPM
*If you couldn't find suitable products,request customization products or solutions, pls
Lead wires color code
ring no.123456789101112
color no.blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
* 12 colors wires as a group,repeat from 13...24, each group wire marked with No. tube(1,2,3,4...)
through hole slip ring
combine VGA through hole  slip ring
pneumatic/hydraulic-electrical slip ring
through hole slip ring 4 circuits 10A
slip ring with connector
12.7mm through hole slip ring