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Senring Electronics Co., Limited is a worldwide designer, manufacturer of slip rings and rotary joints integrating research, testing, production and sales. The factory covers around 2000 square meters and has employees up to 200 people which enables us large scale production and R&D ability. Senring locates in SongGang Town which is one of the top ten township enterprises and has convenient transportation for land, sea and air. In the past several years, SenRing created big achievements and in future, taking the advantages of technology we will make greatest efforts to improve and innovate continually and to be the world class designer and manufacturer...



senring snf-0310 slip ring used to Wind Cube's Small home wind turbine
Wind turbine slip ring shoulder in wind turbines with the power of the whole system,control signals and data transmission function,the entire wind turbine system,a critic...
Precise slip ring devices contributes to the successful arrival of Rosetta in comet
10 years ago, European Space Agency allocated money to build a comet probes called Rosetta and sent it to the space, after 10 years long journey, Rosetta arrived the come...
SNS000 serires Separate slip ring technical documentation
The SNS000 serires through hole slip ring that product by SenRing is a Separate slip ring,It can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained,intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power or data,and can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.

Technical Support

Does the liquid metal can be conductive?How about the conductive performance of mercury slip ring ?
Some customer reviewed senring’s mercury slip ring series, and was concerned liquid metal if can be conductive?We have clarified and will share the infor...
What is the role of slip ring in revolving door?
I am a designer from a auto- revolving door factory, we often use a product called slip ring, since I am not very familiar with slip rings, i have a question for SenRing technical person : What is the role of slip ring in revolving door? Senring pancake slip rings application for revolving door
The internal structure of the senring slip ring
Do you know The internal structure of the slip ring?When we used slip ring for different equipment, we know there are rotate side and stator side, below ...