SNF series hight current slip ring(wind turbine slip ring)

  • Senring electronics developed the production of SNF series hight current slip ring(wind turbine slip ring)is compact capsule slip ring,which is reseach and development of specializing consume electronics,security industry,revolving stage of lights industry, and the material used gold to gold contact,ensure the stablity and working life.
  • The structure of design is hollow and solid
  • Senring high current slip ring Used precious metal gold-gold contact ring and fiber brush with low friction to ensure reliable contact
  • Current from 5A-60A options
  • Standard product,stock available
  • Hot selling product of wind turbine slip ring include SNF-0205,SNF-0310 and SNF-0430(4circuits 30A) and so on
  • Competitive price,it can be replace carbon brush slip ring
Model# PDF OD*Length Circuits Current/Circuits Voltage
Max Speed Lead spec.
12.5mmx13.5mm 2 5A <250V 250RPM AWG#22
12.5mmx18.2mm 3 5A <250V 250RPM AWG#22
12.5mmx18.2mm 4 5A <250V 250RPM AWG#22
22mmx33mm 6 5A <250V 250RPM AWG#22
22mmx40mm 8 5A <250V 250RPM AWG#22
22mmx40mm 12 5A <250V 250RPM AWG#22
22mmx26mm 2 10A <250V 250RPM AWG#16
22mmx33mm 3 10A <250V 250RPM AWG#16
22mmx40mm 4 10A <380V 250RPM AWG#16
15.5mmx39mm 2 15A <250V 250RPM AWG#14
22mmx40mm 3 15A <250V 250RPM AWG#14
22mmx47mm 3 30A <250V 250RPM AWG#12
30mmx50mm 4 30A <380V 250RPM AWG#12
30mmx65mm 6 30A <380V 250RPM AWG#12
30mmx50mm 2 50A <380V 250RPM AWG#12*2
65mmx80mm 3 30A <600V 250RPM AWG#10
86mmx96mm 3 60A <440V 250RPM AWG#14*6
99mmx96mm 3 60A <440V 250RPM AWG#14*6
120mmx100mm 3 60A <440V 250RPM AWG#14*6
130mmx100mm 3 60A <440V 250RPM AWG#14*6
120mmx100mm 4 300A <440V 250RPM M12 stud