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SHD Series 1080P HD-SDI slip ring

Senring's SHD HD-SDI slip ring is a new generation product which integrates SDI signal transmission into standard capsule slip ring and widely used in HD camera and security industry. it can be transmit 1-24 circuits power of data signal

  1. HD-SDI24 wires 1080P
  2. 3GHz3GHz
Provides plastic shell and MMCX.SMA.coaxial connector
Transmit 24 circuits signal current
can combine with power or pneumatic/hydraulic slip ring
Contact materials:precious metal +gold plating which ensures abrasion resistant and anti-Oxidant for long working life
The flange of dimension,outside diameter,direction can be customized as per request
Model List
Model# PDF Rated speed 2A/signal OD Length More
SHD_8hd slip ring specification 100RPM 8 channels 22mm 25.5mm SHD-8 series HD-SDI(1080P) slip ring
SHD_12hd slip ring specification 100RPM 12 channels 22mm 25.5mm SHD-12 series HD-SDI(1080P) slip ring
SHD_12Shd slip ring specification 300RPM 12 channels 22mm 28.8mm SHD-12S series HD-SDI(1080P) slip ring
SHD_24Shd slip ring specification 300RPM 24 channels 32.8mm 47mm SHD-24S series HD-SDI(1080P) slip ring

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions,E-mail: info@senring.com senring.us@gmail.com

Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324
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