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SNE Series (1000M) Ethernet Slip Ring(Cable Slip Ring)

Ethernet slip ring specailly designed for 250Mhz frequency to transmit 100M/1000M Ethernet signals,with advantages of reliable transmitting,no packet loss,no string code,low return loss, low insertion loss

  1. 8通路千兆以太网滑环滑环8通路千兆以太网滑环
  2.  mini 帽式千兆网线滑环 mini 帽式千兆网线滑环
  3. 2通道空心过孔千兆网线滑环2通道空心过孔千兆网线滑环
with RJ45 connectors(Ethernet slip ring also known as rj45 slip ring)
standard Ethernet wires connection
Max 8channels Ethernet in one slip ring
can combine with power or pneumatic/hydraulic slip ring
transmit 10M / 100M / 1000M BaseT Ethernet
Contact materials:precious metal +gold plating which ensures abrasion resistant and anti-Oxidant for long working life
50% Ethernet slip rings are customized;
Part no. description
E - ID OD - Ethernet channel No. - power circuits - signal circuits - Product grade
Part no. description
M means solid without hole,
H means through hole

M022:solid,OD 22mm,
H1256:hole size 12.7mm,OD 56mm
H2586:hole size 25.4mm,OD 86mm
H3899:hole size 38.1mm,OD 99mm
H50119:hole size 50mm,OD 119mm
01:1 channels 100M/1000M baseT
02:2 channels 100M/1000M baseT
0610:6 [email protected]
1210:12 [email protected]
06S:6 circuits signal
@2A(5A options)
12S:12 circuits signal
@2A(5A options)

EM022-12:E means (1000M) Part no. description,M022:solid,OD 22mm,"12 " pls refer to model list ;

EH1256-01-0310-04S:E means (1000M) Part no. description,H1256:hole size 12.7mm,OD 56mm,01:1 channels 100M/1000M baseT,0310:3 [email protected],04S:4 circuits [email protected](5A options).

Model List
Model PDF through hole size OD Ethernet channels no. power/signal circuits no.
solid, without hole 22mm 1∼2 1∼16
12.7mm 56mm 1 1∼24
12.7mm 56mm 2 1∼24
25.4mm 86mm 1 1∼48
25.4mm 86mm 2 1∼48
38.1mm 99mm 1 1∼56
38.1mm 99mm 2 1∼56
50mm 119mm 1 1∼72
50mm 119mm 2 1∼72
Electrical Color Code
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324
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