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A1H25PS Series Mercury Slip Ring([email protected] Power Current)

1 circuit,250A per circuit

SenRing A1H25PS series mercury slip ring, also called [email protected] mercury rotating connector (rotary joint),torque 250x10-3Nm,can be transmit [email protected] power current.It's is produced with special sealing materials,insolution and conductive technology,made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel,applied for any rotating objects of signal transmitting such as:tiny voltage, EMF, thermocouple, strain gauge,audio and video signals, high frequency, computer signals and electric power connections.

Model Poles Current(A)
Dielectric strength
Max frequency
Contact Resistance Max rotating speed Working temp.(Max/Min ℃) Torque
Insolution resistance
1 pole 250 -- 200 <1mΩ 1200 -29℃~60℃ 250 --

1、Working temperature does not exceed 60℃,indoor temperature and self-heating (rotating and electric connection)
2、Vertical installation and storage should keep the UP towards direction
3、Installing the slip ring into the shafe should keep no eccentricity
4、Do not solder on the slip ring and copper terminals
5、Special connection terminals can't use reduplicate
6、Vibration will shorten the working life
7、The slip ring can be mounted by the body or plastic collar but it couldn't carry any mechanical loads.Another end should be connected floating hold by wires
Pls follow above instructions, otherwise it will cause the damage or shorten the working life

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