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The maintance of slip ring and slip ring brush

2010-10-30 09:24Slip rings

In daily inspection and reparation in industrial generator set, the part of rotator and brush is easily to get some problems, and it is strong related with daily maintenance, so more details should be noticed in routine use. For some big generator, it is vital important to inspect slip rings periodically, because it is related with normal operation, operating efficiency and work safety.

through hole slip ring
Senring through hole slip ring

Most of electric enterprises have one inspection per year, and around 5-8 years have a major maintenance. Long running status will amass plenty of faults, what`s more, it is easy to emerge some problems in the part of brush, according to our own rich experiences and strategies of some years of time, the slip ring brush must be inspected by insulating property, if their performance of insulation resistance and AC volts are degreed it means insulating property already have some hazards, it is leaded by dusts by friction of brush and corrosion of oil leak. The destructive effect cannot eliminate.

The maintenance of brush of slip ring, as for general electric enterprises choose advanced constant voltage brush, it will be exclusive of stressful from spring. But when spring lose elastic force, it will lead to bad contact and even damage the surface of slip ring as spark phenomenon, so it is necessary to take slip ring`s phenomenon of fatigue into consideration during the process of examine and repair.

The working temperature of slip ring around 50, if exceed this temperature, the component will be damaged, so workers should inspect internal structure periodically (is it smooth when rotary or is it clear in insulate parts), only stress details can eliminate defaults.

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