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Operating principle and structure of carbon brush slip rings

2017-02-21 11:02Slip rings

Electric brush slip ring of Senring is dominated, carbon brush slip ring is auxiliary.Carbon brush slip ring is used widely before electric brush slip appears. Because the carbon brush slip ring needs to be maintained regularly, and the carbon brush is easy to be attrited, with the appearing of Senring electric brush slip ring, more and more companies are following it. Following is the 3D structure chart of carbon brush slip ring. The v-shaped "copper" in the picture is actually a carbon brush holder, clamped by the carbon brush holder is the collector ring. The working principle of carbon brush slip ring is that carbon brush holder contacts collector ring, with static controlling dynamic and rotator rotating to realise the electricity conducting when 360° rotating.

Although electric brush slip ring has become the mainstream, it doesn't mean that the carbon brush slip ring has droped out from history stage. Compared with electric slip ring, carbon brush slip ring does have the advantages that the electric slip ring cannot compare. For example, when transmitting super large curent (Senring large current electric brush slip ring is relatively stable in the range of single [email protected] For bigger current, carbon brush slip ring can be considered), carbon brush slip ring is a better choice than electric brush slip ring.

In addition to satellite radar, Senring slip ring also can be used in UAV, amusement equipment, robot, high-speed ball, packaging machinery, CCTV monitoring system, winding machine, production line, oil well facility, ship and other devices that need to conduct electricity and transmit signals when 360° rotating.

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