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Video demo of Senring 4 cicuits @ 500A + 1 circuit @ 60A large current carbon brush collector ring/ Video demo of senring [email protected] + [email protected] large current carbon brush collector ring

2016-07-16 20:01Slip rings

SNH-04500-0160 is a large current carbon brush collector ring customized by Senring for an amusement equipment company in zhongshan. It has 5 current channels in total, [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. Related information about this product has been released before. In order to make more people understand the working principle of carbon brush collector ring, 360-degree rotating video of this slip ring is recorded specially.

The difference between carbon brush collector ring and electric brush slip ring is that the torque of carbon brush is bigger than electric brush, otherwise, Senring electric brush slip ring has a longer working life. In addition to some special occasions, electric brush slip ring shall be chosen as soon as possible.

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