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Function and working principle of Senring wind turbine slip ring

2016-10-11 20:39Slip rings

Before introduce the function of Senring generator slip ring, I will give a brief introduce to the working principle of generator. As mentioned in the physics of junior high school, the cutting motion of a closed coil in the magnetic field can generate electric current, as shown in the picture below:

How Do Electric Generators Work?

Then wind generator need to rotate 360° follow the wind direction, in order to smoothly and efficiently save and transmit the energy transferred by the generator, you need a device that can conduct electricity when 360° rotating. This device is slip ring, also called collector ring. Senring, professional slip ring manufacturer, has two series used for wind turbines, namely SNF series small-size wind generator slip ring and large current carbon brush collector ring.

Normally, wind turbines under the megawatt class can use the electric brush slip ring of Senring, because the series has a cheaper cost, longer working life and more stable performance.The functions of each series are the same, and the working principle of the slip ring is the same, which is the function of conducting electricity when 360° rotating.

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