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Application of slip ring in public facilities

2011-06-27 09:23Slip rings

We make dealing with public facilities every day, although we didn`t notice it, it`s indeed around us. Now, with the improvement of technology and industrial automation, there have tremendous impact on public facilities. Take the lobby door of hotel for example; it used the old sliding doors a long time ago which low in automation.

In recent 10 years, due to the use of slip ring, many public facilities have improved the automation degree and thus become more simple and convenient. Revolving door, as a simple and usual public facility, contains a high technical content. There are also a lot of slip ring types, such as hole-slip-ring, capsule slip ring; fiber optic slip ring and mercury slip ring also customized slip ring. What here used the hole- slip-ring, which shaft is fixed and does not rotate, but the outer ring will rotate and pass variety of sensor signals to the terminal control device through the signal line. Besides the usual signal, it can pass current, voltage, pulse signal, and so on. Many public facilities use such kind of slip rings due its inner diameter can reach from 25mm to 300mm.

Except the revolving door, rotating neon is also widely used in public facilities. We may keep an eye on the bustling nightlife of the city in which there is the known rotation neon, as an element to show the bustling city. This equipment is most common at the entrance to a large barber shop. Inside the rotating equipment, the main structure is rotating light and internal fixed supporting axis, it also use the through hole slip ring. This equipment mainly transmit the 220V current from the power to light source, then the light can start to work, producing the colorful light.

Above are the examples of slip ring commonly used in public facilities life, there are many such similar ones in our daily. Besides the convenience, the slip ring can bring us many imagination and miracle!

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