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The application of slip rings in high speed ball

2011-01-06 10:11Slip rings

With the rapid development of information technology , internet and communication, all kinds of video products are rapid development, there are various applications in video telephone, video computer, and video monitoring, high speed ball is most popular video products with slip ring in recent years. High speed ball is a high-tech products with optics, machinery, electronic science and network. It can free rotary and show clear camera shooting. The functions of high speed ball are related with slip rings which provide stable transmission camera signal and motor power the quality of camera shooting is affected by camera hardware and the structure of precise electronic, specially is slip ring. Strong anti-interference is pretty necessary in the field of high speed ball.

slip rings should meet the high performance of high speed ball.High performance should be meet by the slip ring in the field of high speed ball.Slip rings with high performance is required in the field of high speed ball.

High speed ball was droved by two motors in the horizontal direction and vertical direction. It is accomplished by microprocessor which is control the motor after received the order from slip ring,by high speed ball. Motor plays a key role to the operate stability in high speed ball, it is realized by the precision control of motors, such as high speed sweep, variety sweep, and automatic trace. Slip ring keeps the precision and stable of signal transmission during the process of signal transmission, high speed balls have the function of intelligent recognize, which is used the supervision of target, automatic trace direction and record the range of supervision in the whole process.

the new direction of high speed ball

The newest development of internet and high speed ball, high speed ball has enter a fire-new field since combined the traditional high speed ball with internet information. On the primary foundation, making the date of image, date of video and internet interflow each other by add pictures and the pattern of voice, and realized the functions of trace and wireless transmission by itself of high speed ball.

It so complex for the related signals that was strict for anti-interference. So must take anti-interference into consideration before designer. As for strict environmentit needs the slip ring of 12 to24 circuits, and even up to 36 and even more.

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