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Application of electric slip ring in industrial equipment

Rotating joint is an integral part of modern industrial equipment , in order to achieve complex motion control and other functions, conductive slip ring is applied to these joints, used to transfer power, signal and so on. Sliprings is widely used in robotic arm, robotics, filling machines and other equipment. SenRing electronic modular Sliprings can respond quickly to customer demand, product compatible with a variety of conventional bus, such as RS232, RS485, FIP, ERA, ProfiBus, FINT, LONWorks, InterBus, CAN, HART, Dupline, P-net, F -Mux, ASI (ActraturSensorInterface), MODBus, SDS, Arcnet,, FieldBusFoundation, WorldFIP, BitBus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc. (part of the bus has special structure to ensure the communication process), and provide slip rings and fluid combinations used to simultaneously transfer pneumatic, hydraulic and so on. It is very important for customers useing the Slip Ring to how to choose a suitable Slip Ring.electric slip ring is a precision parts, its internal structure is very complicated.We all know that, it is likely to lead to the whole equipment can`t normal operate if the Slip Ring selected properly which is a rotating parts of the fittings,more seriously,it will lead to catastrophic events.So how to choose the Slip Ring?

Slip rings are precision component, they must be installed & operated by professional electrician under our installation instructions. A pilot run is required after installation to ensure the slip rings were installed firmly & related circuits were connected correctly. Dont exceed the max current/voltage requirement, select appropriate protection solution according to the actual working environment & the protection level of the slip rings.An electrical current collector system includes a rotatable shaft (28); an electrically conductive slip ring (27); and a slip ring support assembly (42). The slip ring support assembly (42) comprises plural post insulators (102) spaced radially about the rotatable shaft for attaching the conductive slip ring to the rotatable shaft. The post insulators facilitate adjusting of the position of the slip ring relative to the rotatable shaft, e.g., to provide concentric positioning. The post insulators comprise an attachment adjustment assembly (106) for connecting to the slip ring. In one embodiment, the attachment adjustment assembly comprises a spring plate (134) which is adjustably biased to provide a preloading displacement that absorbs differential movement due to temperature changes of the slip ring an the rotatable shaft. In one example deployment, the current collector system is provided as part of a rotary transformer system (20) which, e.g., transfers electrical power between a first electrical system (e.g., first electrical grid) and a second electrical system (e.g., second electrical grid).

With the increasing security requirements, security monitoring has entered the lives of everyone, from military control to the home intelligent monitoring, security system. As a core component of intelligent systems - "Speed dome Camera" is the traditional basis of surveillance cameras, by increasing the precision slip rings to achieve the full range of non-blind spot monitoring, and real-time tracking. We offer series standard , micro-cap type slip rings products used in security engineering.As the future of green energy, electronics and numerous passers wins wind power industry elite synchronous collaboration to develop a variable pulp control of slip ring of wind power to meet the harsh working environment, even in high vibration, dust, heat, cold the next, can guarantee reliable performance,SenRing to provide high-speed electronics, high pressure, large size, strong interference and other special work environment conductive slip rings,SenRing slip ring manufacturer has been successfully used in satellite tracking, communications, under certain circumstances,we provision the sliprings with the waveguide, high-frequency combination products, in a complex work environment to provide reliable performance.




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