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Application of Senring Slip Rings

2010-08-25 09:17Slip rings

The application of slip ring, in the process of electrical design, when mechanical parts unlimited rotation constantly from 360 degrees, the wire need to connect to the rotating part, and electrical engineer will meet wire winding problem, this time, he need a electrical rotary connector, which is call slip ring and it also can transmit signals and powers very well.

The existing technical and requirement about slip ring. 1. the technology of composite brush, usually it is introduce carbon brush, cooper brush, sliver, graphite and molybdenum disulfide and so on. 2. the precious metal alloy monofilament, such as AuNi9, etc. 3. the technology of brush, it is design by special slid electric connection, in brief, that is put good single metal brush into a metal tube, in this cantilever design, one end with disperse brush will be attached in the slots.

In existing technology, the application of brush is very wide, and degradation have appeared in competitive market, such as , reduce the cost, shorten the maintenance cycle and large dimension and so on, and even cant meet customers requirement as the large circuits and related technical requirements.

The slip ring brush can meet all requirements in rotary speed, so it also widely used by heavy current industry, but compared with this slip ring, carbon brush slip ring have obvious limitations, at first, it will be maintain regularly, and then its easily to burn out and strike fire as the effect of materials, but if enterprises need to control cost and the technical is not strict, the carbon brush slip ring is good option.

The brush have a breakthrough in slip ring industry, it is only choice to make the equipment more stable, this technology is suitable for those devices with weak signal, high speed rotation and long working life.

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