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Analysis of slip ring applications in the automotive industry

2011-07-03 10:24Slip rings

As we all know (automotive industry)the car becomes more and more common in China, almost every urban family owns a car. But many people may don`t know that there is an important component inside the car, and it is slip ring which plays an important role in ensuring the car steady. Because it is very professional, only the specialized vehicle maintenance technicians know it. Next let`s talk about its structure and working principle.

The basic alternator is the core to the rotor shaft, composed by a series of alternating pole pieces placed in the coil winding wire. Automobile generator rotor slip ring consist of the rotor and wire, in which one end of wire hiding in the slip ring, while the copper ring is embedded in the lateral side of the slip ring, then they`re formed into a whole by the pressure machine. The copper ring can`t rotate which resulting the slip ring in axial movement with a longer life, and no need insulation tube, thus ensure the rotor a good fastening and contacts, as well as avoid the short circuit and disconnection. The driving slip ring on the rotor shaft is attached to the alternator. When the engine crankshaft rotation drive belt running, and it will in turn rotate the wheel and the rotor shaft. There are many professional domestic enterprises produce various types of s matching the generator, such as auto starter and collecting ring. In recent years, there are many domestic products sold both inside the country and most areas of the world.

As a main power supply of a car, the power generator is to provide electricity for all the electrical equipments and recharge the battery when the car works. The car can be divided into alternators and direct generators, but the performance of the alternator is better than the direct generator in many ways, so the direct generator has been obsolete actually. Current cars mainly use three-phase alternator, and change the internal diode circuit from alternating current to direct current, this is why the car with alternator output direct current. Generally the electric brush covering machine and assembly is divided into two parts components, the supporting rotor and stator, all of which are always made of aluminum alloy.

With more and more cars, it has increasing demand for slip rings and obvious impact on the environment. Why the temperature in urban area is 1-2 degrees higher than the countryside? The reason is that there are too many cars which released lots of off-gas, and then increased the temperature indirectly.

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