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Mercury slip ring`s structure and application situation

In many species, mercury slip ring is a special product, as the transmission of liquid water using silver conductive, it has less torque, longer Life, and then what is the mercury slip ring? Mercury slip ring is the slip rings that transmission medium mainly dominated by mercury. While the slip ring is mainly refers to the connection modes between two components, between the active components and fixed components, a precision components which take electric brush as a signaling connection, it implements the current, power, temperature, signal transduction between the two relative rotation components, it has the very big difference compared with the traditional set slip ring, advantage is the use of reliable, high precision, support high-ring road, and the high current.

Mercury as a material we all know, is a good conductor, compared with other materials such as copper, its conductivity is not bad, because it is liquid, the shape can vary, therefore, compared with copper and other materials, on some occasions, is more applicable. For example, on the Superconducting experiments mercury is use of the conductivity to achieve the weak signal transmission, also such as the thermostat temperature control box mercury conductive table and so on. In recent years, the conductivity of mercury used in a wide range of slip-ring inside the industry, in particular, Taiwan as the representative of the mercury slip ring, the development is better, in contrast, the domestic short of a step, many brand`s mercury slip rings are come from Taiwan, many domestic`s are the business agent. Because mercury is liquid, and also conductive, therefore transmits the signal and the controlling current inside the slip ring is appropriate, is more suitable the domain which cannot be competent in the traditional slip rings, for instance high speed, low impedance, low disturbance situations and so on. And the application situation mainly has the automated packing domain including the packaging machinery, hand packaging machinery, automatic packaging robot, etc. inside the monitoring equipment, has the revolving video camera, the revolving stage lamps and lanterns, the revolving computer lamp, the revolving high speed ball, the revolving monitoring photograph, etc. in other industrial equipment has the spooling equipment, the semiconductor device, the resistance cutting equipment, test control device and so on, the application is quite appropriate in the comparison high-end equipment(for example hospital CT). The mass low-and-middle equipment has been influential, will have certain enhancement to the complete machine product cost, will cause the market competitiveness to be insufficient.

Constant for the quality of a level of mercury slip rings, mainly measure from the voltage current, maximum speed, pressure voltage, frequency, insulation resistance and other factors, the higher the speed, cost would be relatively higher. Insulation resistance is also a very important indicator. The customer should choose the appropriate slip ring from the different request.




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