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Application of wind turbine slip ring in the New Energy Equipment

2012-05-26 09:19Slip rings

wind turbine slip ring, especially for small wind turbine slip ring, is an indispensable component of wind power equipment, with skyrocketing of oil and gradual depletion of other non-renewable energy sources, wind energy has been slowly on stage. What is wind energy? It is a clean energy powered by the air flow, air with a kinetic energy because of stream thats why it is called wind power. The main principle used at this stage is to change the kinetic energy into the action of rotation by the windmill, thus to promote wind turbines to produce electricity. While wind energy has its inherent disadvantages, such as intermittent and regional. Wind energy is a new type of clean energy used widely now, has the application in many places of the world, is also a more fashionable new energy, either point of view from stock market speculation or the heat from the vc investment, wind power is absolutely a topic of more concern about. Wind power is a saying in English, is a clean energy that gets more and more attentions in these two years, because wind energy is everywhere in nature, compared to other energy sources, wind energy has a unique advantage, vast distribution, unlimited resources, has a long history on use of them and rich wind turbine slip ring is used everywhere.

What important technical data should be provided when choosing wind turbine slip ring? When selecting wind turbine slip ring, the following important performance specification should be taken into consideration:
1. Operating speed rpm
2.Circuits, signal rings (Circuit, ring and way are all synonymous. If there is a return path or ground then it is a separat e circuit. In some slip ring, a circuit can be used either way and is counted only once.)
3. Type of signal (very important)
4. Operating temperature
5. IP grade ( sealing requirements)

Maximum voltage and current for the power circuits and signal circuits.

The so-called intermittent, is in the same place, can not continue with the winds of five and six levels. Often is the case, winds of these day are specially big, the wind power generation are many, several days later, the wind power has been very small, causes the electric power to be insufficient. We all know that power is a kind of energy that can not mass stored, because of the intermittent, causes use wind energy alone can not solve all problems, have to coordinate with using of other energy sources, when the wind is small, need to input the hydropower and the thermal power to be added; when the wind power is full, transmitting outside electric strength to other line. wind turbine slip ring is an indispensable component of wind trubine equipment... please view the 2th part.

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