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Application for slip ring rotating parts in packaging machine

The robot and automation equipment are often used in packaging machine, especially in the rotating joint parts. This industry is also the one which the slip ring widely used, no matter the small or large packaging equipment need to use the high-precision slip ring.

Packaging machine industry can be divided into primary packaging and secondary packaging, or packaging equipment and packaging material equipment. According to the different industry, it can be divided into food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, commodity packaging, industrial packaging and so on. More importantly, the operators through the vehicle with around sensors connect to digital panel and monitor them. Direct-attached sensor system is a cheap way to maintain your company`s investment. Do visual inspection the things which the machine is not easy to do, and remote monitoring to ensure the equipment operates in the best condition.

Focus on the development of new packaging raw materials; develop the packaging machine manufacturing; improve the technology of packaging machine, accelerate the research and development of new products; improve the overall layout of the packaging industry; with the country`s western development and revitalizing the northeast old industrial bases strategy, strive to improve the packaging matching ability; through the standard guidance and systemic size of container, promote the improvement of spreading of packaging machine. With the rapid and healthy economic development, slip ring has become a promising industry which will have a broad market space in the future. Since 1972, packaging machine had a very great change and influence because new packaging materials replaced traditional ones. Packaging machine is a machine which can pack the craft products completely or partially in packaging material and packaging technology. First of all, packaging with machine is very fast which improves the efficiency. With China`s prosperity and development of commodity economy, improving of the quality of people`s lives and the accelerating pace of life rhythm, consumers have a great demand for fast food, such as microwave food, snack food, frozen food and so on. The experts point out that this trend will accelerate the needs of frozen food and convenience food packaging. For example, sometimes the hand can only do a few candy packaging, but packaging machine can finish thousands of candies simultaneously in one minute. Second, the machine can guarantee the quality of the products. The former products are different from each other greatly. There is simple food processing machine which don`t need automation, such as noodle machine and dumpling machine, but also the entire automatic production line of high-end food processing equipment. The level of Chinese food processing is low, but the current market develops steadily with growth of GDP, according to predict from experts that the bottleneck will not appear in the next two to three years.

As one of the market segment, tobacco packaging machine mainly relies on imports, because there`s only one domestic manufacturer which mainly produces the non-standard cigarette packaging equipment for export. In particular, more and more supermarket increases the demand for packaging. To ensure the speed and transportation, the container came into being. Some equipment owners are not satisfied with their slip rings current devices. Instead, they choose to install additional electronic equipment to give the operator a better picture, and this is what is going on inside the machine. These new sensors can be linked to the digital panel, and then transfer the information to the operator or use computer system to adjust the device`s operating efficiency automatically. Hand closure couldn`t guarantee the unity of the product scale per the requested shape and size. Thirdly, it can reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions and save labor.

Therefore, we can see that the packaging machine industry has a great influence on the business of slip ring manufacture. As a manufacturer of mass production of various slip rings, Senring electronic should control and understand the performance of the packaging machine industry timely, and it will be a good guidance for our sale plan.




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