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The position of slip rings in the wind power equipment parts

2011-06-12 10:05Slip rings

We have read a lot of internet articles which describe how to design wind turbine slip ring equipment in detail, and also found a lot of useful theories. Wind power equipment is not so complicated, human being have known how to use the rotation of the stator and rotor to generate electricity in steam turbine era, the difference is that it made use of steam. Now the impetus change to wind power, but the principle is similar in fact. The wind power drive the slip ring rotating and electric brush working, and produce continuous current. Then we store the current in batteries when there is wind, and use it to drive the electrical equipment when there is no wind. But the shortcoming is that it can only store a little energy and will use up soon. Whats more, the storage cost is very high; usually a small battery will cost more than hundred dollars, so this is one of the disadvantages of wind power generation equipment.
Then how about the position of slip rings in the wind power generation equipment parts? Now our country uses the policy to promote the wind power development and application, which drive the development slip ring industry too, hence we can see that slip ring is an indispensable and key component in the equipment. In the large-scale bid inviting of wind power equipment, slip ring even as a separate item to proceed, thus we can see its important role and function in wind power generator. The development of wind power equipment is actually the development process of the slip ring. In the next few years, with the further policy of new energy, there will have large, medium and small wind power equipment for market demand. At that time, there will have various types of standard, non-standard and special customized slip ring. Also the size of the slip ring will create a new record, miniature slip ring, large slip ring and huge slip ring would be appeared. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for manufacturers of slip rings, the domestic manufacturers should only grasp this opportunity, then it can play an important role in the future market and stand out in the competition.

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