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wind turbine slip ring in the New Energy Equipment

wind trubine slip ring is used in wind energy. What is wind energy? It is a clean energy powered by the air flow, air with a kinetic energy because of stream that is why it is called wind power. The main principle used at this stage is to change the kinetic energy into the action of rotation by the windmill, thus to promote wind turbines to produce electricity. While wind energy has its inherent disadvantages, such as intermittent and regional. Wind energy is a new type of clean energy used widely now, has the application in many places of the world, is also a more fashionable new energy, either point of view from stock market speculation or the heat from the vc investment, wind power is absolutely a topic of more concern about. Wind power is a saying in English, is a clean energy that gets more and more attentions in these two years, because wind energy is everywhere in nature, compared to other energy sources, wind energy has a unique advantage, vast distribution, unlimited resources, has a long history on use of them and rich experience.

Now is only in this way to make up for the shortcomings of the wind intermittent. The so-called regional, because of the vast geographical, wind resources are very unevenly distributed, the northwestern region are many, but southeast are few, but the southeast region is the electricity-intensive areas, industrial development, requires a lot of electricity supply, therefore, the wind power electricity of northwest region needs to transmit through thousands of kilometers to the south-east, the transmission distance longer, loss is greater, so this shortcoming also restricts vigorously development of the wind power in the southeast area.

We can see that, why the manufacturers of wind turbine equipment requirements to the tender the quality of slip rings manufacturers are very strict, its the reason. In the slip ring tender`s qualifications as well as various aspects` request, wind turbine slip ring capacity of the market is quite large, depth is also more attractive, therefore many slip ring manufacturers have made many endeavors in this aspect, and put a lot of manpower and resources for new product development and design, in order to occupy a place in the future market.

The wind turbine slip ring is one kind of rotating joint component which uses in the air blower, then, what is the wind turbine slip ring? Wind power is a rotary joint slip ring component of rotating blades of wind power generation equipment and the main shaft part. The component is the only signal transmission channel that connected between the wind leaf and air blower, a lot of sensor data have to be transmitted through the wind turbine slip ring between the joints, and this is the only one component requires different movements, very easy to appear loss. If this component has problem, the whole wind power equipment will completely demolished, therefore, the position and role of the wind turbine slip ring in wind power equipment is very critical.




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