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Industrial Bus Slip Rings(Custom Slip Rings)

Senring SNB series Industrial Bus Signal Slip Ring includes all kinds of Industrial Bus Signal Slip Rings, such as :Canbus, Profibus, RS-232, USB, 1000M Ethernet, coaxial RF, VGA, etc., it cam meet the needs to transmit various signals accurately at the meantime through one slip ring when devices 360° rotating. B series advantages: independent design patent, cost-effective, high data transmitting speed and stable performance. The contact matrials adopt the technology of precious metal + hard gold plating , strongly wear resistant and antioxidative chactrecter ensures long working life.

  1. various signals slip ring,VGA+USB+1000M Ethernet
  2. Profibus Slip Ring
  3. USB2.0+1080P series HDMI Slip Ring
accurately transmit high speed data;
stably transmit all kinds of signals, such as, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, VGA, etc.;
accurately transmit all kinds of industrical bus signals , such as: Profibus, LonWorks, CanBus, DeviceNet, ControlNet;
transmit mixed signals, such as, USB,HDMI, 1000M ethernet, fiber optic, VGA, DVI, coaxial RF (high frequency), etc.;
stably transmit Ethernet data(10M / 100M / 1000M BaseT);
Model List
model PDF ID(mm) OD (mm) max. circuits no. max. voltage signal type(optional)
without hole(solid) 56mm 2~36 wires 240VAC/DC 100M/1000M Ethernet,Profibus,CanBus,Device Net,RS485,RS422,RS232,Control Net,VGA,USB 2.0,HDMI, coaxial signal, Servo motor Encoder signal, industrial Ethernet, HD-SDI signal, RF signal, etc.
without hole(solid) 99mm 2~120 440VAC/DC
12.7mm 86mm 2~96 wires 440VAC/DC
25.4mm 99mm 2~96 wires 690VAC/DC
38.1mm 119mm 2~168 wires 690VAC/DC
50mm 130mm 2~96 wires 440VAC/DC

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions,E-mail: [email protected] [email protected], [email protected]

Part no. description
B boundary dimension power circuits signal circuits signal Channels/code
B:Industrial bus slip ring
For example:
M056:M :solid without hole,056 : OD 56mm
H1286:H through hole ,1286 :ID12.7mm,OD 86mm
For example:
0610:06: 6circuits,10:10A
1230:12:12circuits,30 :30A
For example:
02E:2 channels 1000M Eethernet(total 18circuits)
03U:3 channels USB2.0 (total 15circuits)
More signal type pls refer to below list
For example:
06S:06:6 circuits,S:signal
12S:12:12 circuits,S:signal
code list of signal type:

F - 100M Ethernet (10, 100 BaseT Ethernet) - RJ45 (4circuits)

E - 1000M Ethernet (1000 BaseT Ethernet) - RJ45 (9circuits)

P - Profibus (Profibus - 4-Pin D-Sub) (4circuits)

C - Canbus (Canbus - 4-Pin D-Sub) (4circuits)

D - Device Net - 5 Pin Micro Change (5 circuits)

T - Control Net - 75 Ω BNC (4circuits)

V - VGA (9circuits)

H - HDMI (19circuits)

U - USB 2.0 (5circuits)

Q - Coaxial signal (Coax - 75 Ω BNC)(2circuits)

R - RS485 (3circuits)

R1 - RS422(5circuits)

R2 - RS232(10circuits)

B - Servo motor encoder signal(8circuits)

E1 - Industrial Ethernet (9circuits)

For example

BM056-0610-02U: Industrial bus slip ring,total,total 16 circuits,without hole(solid), OD 56mm,6 [email protected]+2 channel USB2.0.

BH50130-0410-02U-03E-01C: Industrial bus slip ring,total 45 circuits,hole size 50mm, OD 130mm,4 [email protected]+2 channel USB2.0+3 channel (1000M)Gigabit Ethernet+1 channel CanBus.

Remark: Any special requiremets for hole size, OD, Length, signal type, exit position of cables , please feel free to contact us.

Senring B series industrial bus slip ring includes various signal types, such as vadio signal, encoder signal, industrial bus signal, etc., can be applied to many industries, such as, servo motor/encoder, HD video, industrial production line, etc.
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324

Remark: ring no.1 means the first line counted from rotor end ring to stator end; for example: the color order of BM056-0610-02U is as below: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white, pink,lightblue,WHT/BLK,WHT/BRN,WHT/RED,WHT/ORG,WHT/YEL; 24 lines are looked as one color group. If the outgoing lines are more than 24 lines, this color group needs to be repeated and the cable marker shall be used for identifing.

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