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What is the mechanism of Rotary Union & Rotary Joint?

A rotary union or rotary joint is a mechanical device that allows the transfer of fluids, gases, or electricity between two connected parts that are rotating relative to each other. The mechanism of a rotary union or rotary joint typically involves the use of seals, bearings, and other components that allow for the rotation of one part while maintaining a tight connection with the other part.

The basic components of a rotary union or rotary joint include:

Housing: The housing is the outer casing of the rotary union or rotary joint. It is typically made of metal and provides structural support for the other components.
Pneumatic Rotary Union & Rotary Joint
Shaft: The shaft is the component that rotates within the housing. It is typically made of metal and has a smooth surface to reduce friction.

Bearings: Bearings are used to support the shaft and allow it to rotate smoothly within the housing. They are typically made of metal and are designed to reduce friction and wear.

Ports: Ports are the openings through which fluids or gases enter and exit the rotary union or rotary joint. They are typically located on the housing and may be threaded or flanged to allow for easy connection to other components.

The mechanism of rotary unions and rotary joints involves several key components:

1.Rotating and Stationary Components: These devices consist of a rotating part (usually connected to the rotating machinery) and a stationary part (connected to the fixed source or supply line).

2.Sealing Mechanism: The primary function of a rotary union or joint is to maintain a seal between the stationary and rotating parts while allowing the transfer of fluid. This is typically achieved using seals such as O-rings, carbon seals, or mechanical seals.

3.Channels or Passages: Inside the rotary union, there are channels or passages that allow the fluid to flow from the stationary part to the rotating part and vice versa. These channels are carefully designed to minimize pressure drop and ensure efficient fluid transfer.
Pneumatic & Electric Rotary Union
4.Bearings: To support the rotating part and minimize friction, rotary unions often include bearings or bushings. These bearings allow smooth rotation of the union while maintaining the seal integrity.

5.Construction Materials: Rotary unions and joints are constructed from materials compatible with the fluids being transferred and the operating conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure). Common materials include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and various plastics.

6.Mounting Mechanism: Depending on the application, rotary unions may be mounted directly onto the rotating machinery shaft or connected via couplings or adapters.

The mechanism of a Pneumatic Rotary Union or rotary joint works by allowing the shaft to rotate within the housing while maintaining a tight connection between the two components. As the shaft rotates, the seals and bearings provide a barrier between the rotating parts and the stationary parts, preventing leakage and reducing friction. The ports allow for the transfer of fluids or gases between the rotating and stationary parts, enabling the rotary union or rotary joint to function as intended.

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