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What is the difference between a rotary joint and a swivel joint?

A rotary joint allows for rotation around a fixed axis, while a swivel joint allows for rotation around multiple axes. A Pneumatic Rotary Union is typically used in applications where only one degree of freedom is required, such as in a robotic arm or a camera mount. A swivel joint, on the other hand, is used in applications where multiple degrees of freedom are required, such as in a universal joint or a steering mechanism.

The terms "rotary joint" and "swivel joint" are often used in engineering and industry, referring to components that facilitate movement or transfer of fluids or signals between stationary and rotating
parts. While they share similarities, they serve different purposes based on their design and intended applications.
Rotary Joint:
A rotary joint, also known as a rotary union, is a mechanism that allows for the transfer of fluid (such as water, air, hydraulic fluid, etc.) or gas from a stationary source to a rotating component.
The primary features and applications of rotary joints include:

Function: It enables the transfer of fluids or gases while accommodating continuous rotation of machinery, equipment, or components.
Applications: Commonly used in various systems such as rotary steam joints in industrial dryers, rotary air joints in pneumatic conveying systems, and hydraulic rotary unions in heavy machinery.

Swivel Joint:
A swivel joint is designed to allow rotational movement between two connected parts while maintaining the transfer of fluid, hydraulic power, or even electrical signals. Swivel joints are characterized
by the following features and applications:

Function: It permits rotational movement around an axis, allowing for articulation or rotation between connected components while ensuring the transfer of fluid or power.
Applications: Widely used in applications such as hoses and pipes for fluid transfer in industrial equipment, articulation points in construction machinery, and flexible electrical conduits in moving robotic arms.
Key Differences:
Rotational Capability:
 Rotary Union & Rotary Joint
Rotary Joint: Primarily focuses on transferring fluids or gases while accommodating continuous rotation.
Swivel Joint: Provides rotational movement along an axis while maintaining the transfer of fluid, power, or signals.
Primary Function:

Rotary Joint: Emphasizes the transfer of fluids or gases within rotating equipment or machinery.
Swivel Joint: Focuses on enabling rotational movement or articulation while preserving fluid, hydraulic power, or electrical connectivity.
Typical Applications:

Rotary Joint: Used in applications where continuous fluid or gas transfer is required in rotating equipment or machinery.
Swivel Joint: Employed in scenarios where rotational movement between connected parts is necessary while maintaining fluid, power, or signal transfer.
In summary, while both rotary joints and swivel joints facilitate movement and the transfer of substances or signals, their specific designs and functions cater to distinct requirements.
Rotary joints primarily focus on fluid or gas transfer within rotating systems, whereas swivel joints enable rotational movement or articulation while maintaining the transfer of fluid, power,
or signals between connected components.

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