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How to choose the brush silk normally of Sering electric brush slip ring

2017-02-24 11:01Slip rings

Senring slip ring is divided into mercury slip ring, electric brush slip ring, fiber optial slip ring, etc. Different slip ring's structure and signal has different transmission principle and application area. Here we will talk about the brush silk of Senring electric brush slip ring, how to correctly choose the brush silk of slip ring. There are two aims to write this passage: 1. Offer the referrence for the fellow technical personnel in domestic to help them to design high-quality slip ring; 2. Customer can choose the suitable products when they buy the slip ring.

Structure chart of electric brush slip ring

Brush silk is one of the key elements of slip ring. Because the lack of brand influence, technology and financial strength, in order to improve profits through reducing the cost, some small enterprises adopt poor-quality material. After using the inferior brush silk for a period of time, the situations like uneven pressure, deformation, crack, spring, jump brush will appear, which will lead a unstable transmission of signal, a short working life and easy burnning of slip ring. It is uneasy to tell those low-cost materials in the early phase, but most of the users don't have corresponding detection equipment. It seems like a little difference between subjective judgement of low quality slip ring of some suppliers and high quality slip ring of Senring, especially in some area where the requirement of quality is not that high. But in some areas, such as satellite, radar, HD video transmission, laser-guided weapons, aviation and medical equipment, where have strict requirements to quality, the difference of quality between inferior brand and Senring slip ring will be clear. Every year, Senring receives large amount needs of brush slip ring renovation and improvement. It's not just a matter of electric brush, the whole process of inferior brand is different, and the cost of renovation is usually higher than making a new slip ring.

Only if you compare the products, you can know whether the product is good or not. Many customers have bought products from other manufacturers before they use the slip ring of Senring. Although the price of Senring slip ring is a little higher than theirs, the stability and delivery speed satisfy them.

In addition to satellite radar, Senring slip ring also can be used in UAV, amusement equipment, robot, high-speed ball, packaging machinery, CCTV monitoring system, winding machine, production line, oil well facility, ship and other devices that need to conduct electricity and transmit signals when 360° rotating.

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