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Working presentation of Senring rotary unions

2017-01-06 05:17Slip rings

According to the medium type of transmission, slip ring is divided into the pneumatic slip ring, electric slip ring, as well as the hybrid electric-pneumatic slip ring. Pneumatic slip ring also includs the hydraulic slip ring that can transmit the hydraulic medium including oil, water, etc.The principles of electric-pneumatic slip ring and electric slip ring are similar. Electric slip ring is used for conducting electricity or transmit various signals when the device 360° rotating. Pneumatic slip ring is used for through gas when 360° rotating, such as carbon monoxide, compressed air, steam and various gas.Electric-pneumatic slip ring is the combination of electric slip ring and pneumatic slip ring, it can conduct electricity when 360° rotating and can be combined to transmit kinds of pneumatic mediums, but electric-pneumatic-hydraulic slip ring is added to through pneumatic mediums based on electric-pneumatic slip ring.



No matter what the channels are of electric-pneumatic-hydraulic slip ring, such as 1 circuit, 2 circuits, 3 circuits,..., or 16 circits, their working principles are same. When the slip ring conducts 360° rotating, the pneumatic and hydraulic channels of each circuit are non-interference.

Above are the working presentation of Senring rotary unions and principle drawing, 6 circuits pneumatic slip ring are listed in the picture. For more electric-pneumatic-hydraulic channels, pls contact the engineer of Senring to make customization.

In addition to satellite radar, Senring slip ring also can be used in UAV, amusement equipment, robot, high-speed ball, packaging machinery, CCTV monitoring system, winding machine, production line, oil well facility, ship and other devices that need to conduct electricity and transmit signals when 360° rotating.

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