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How to improve the product's working life and working stability of drying machine high temperature conductie slip ring

2016-07-11 10:53Slip rings

High temperature conductie slip ring is mainly used in some high-temperature conditions, such as food machinery, drying machinery and so on. How to choose high-temperature slip ring, or which model of Senring should be chosen depend on the maximum working temperature of rotating shaft of mechanical equipment. If the temperature produced by equipment reaches to 300℃ or even more higher but the temperature of rotating shaft is under 100℃, than the high-temperature slip ring is not needed and only the through hole slip ring with standard model of Senring can match. But if the customer chooses high temperature slip ring, the cost will be increased.

high temperature slip ring used by the drying machinery
Senring high temperature series slip ring (mainly used in the devices that need to conduct electricity or transmit kinds of signals when 360° rotating)

Working temperature of standard slip ring in industry peers usually is berween -30℃~80℃, but working temperature of standard through slip ring or other series of slip ring of Senring is between -40℃~85°C, which means that if the working temperature of the part that need to install the slip ring lines in this temperature range, choosing a high temperature slip ring is unnecessary. If working temperature of equipment is less than this value period, the common slip ring may can work normally, but it will affect the working life of slip ring badly. For a long term working under the high temperature, the high temperature series slip ring is needed. For example, Senring HTH3099-0230-02S-250 series is the slip ring with hole size, it can be passed at a power of 6 kilowatts and its maximum temperature is 250°C.

How to choose the model of high temperature slip ring

Working temperature of Senring standard model high temperature series slip ring is -40℃~250°C. The fastest selection method is to contact the engineer of Senring and provide the diameter of the rotating shaft of the equipment, the highest temperature and minimum temperature of the working environment, the number of outgoing lines, the signal class of transmission and the IP grade, then the engineer will offer a standard model or customozation plan.

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