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Features and technical parameters of Senring 1000M Ethernet slip ring

2017-02-28 11:14Slip rings

Obviously, Senring 1000M Ethernet conductive slip ring is the slip ring that transmit the Ethernet signal and conduct electricity specially and the combination of wire slip ring and conductive slip ring. It also can transmit the signal of 1000M Ethernet by itself, specially designed for 250Mhz frequency signal by Senring.


At early stage, slip ring can only transmit 10M/100M Ethernet signal. But it behaves bad in the environment where the slip ring needs to transmit high-speed internet sognal. In order to resolve this question, the technical personnel of Senring does lots of experiments and improvements. Finally, the wire slip ring(pls refer to SNE series(1000M wire conductive slip ring) for detailed technical parameters) that can perfectly transmit 1000M Ethernet is produced eventually.

Features of Senring 1000M Ethernet conductive slip ring:
1、Provide RJ45 connector to plug directly;
1、According to standard network connection mode;
2、Can transmit 8 Ethernet channels mostly;
3、Work with the current channel or pneamatic-hydraulic rotary joint together
4、Transmit Ethernet(10M/100M/1000M BaseT);
4、Advantages: stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small loss and small insertion loss.
SNE01 series mini 1000M Ethernet slip ring, a integrated precision conductive slip ring with OD 22mm, single channel 1000M Ethernet, can be combined to transmit power, current, signals and so on.

In addition to satellite radar, Senring slip ring also can be used in UAV, amusement equipment, robot, high-speed ball, packaging machinery, CCTV monitoring system, winding machine, production line, oil well facility, ship and other devices that need to conduct electricity and transmit signals when 360° rotating.

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