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New slip ring assembly range expands motion system capability

2013-04-25 09:13Slip rings

As a complementary component type which is regularly required in Heason’s custom designed motion systems, slip ring assemblies and rotary joints are a logical addition and are typically of interest to machine builders and OEMs alike; where the benefits of a single sourcing complete assemblies is extended into related areas of mechatronics – beyond gearboxes, actuators and positioning mechanics. For example, where through aperture rotary servo and torque motors are designed into systems requiring the feed through of electrical and/or optical services from stationary to rotating platforms; which is a common requirement in many application areas from robotics and packaging machinery to laser machining and medical scanning equipment.

Also available are through-hole and large aperture direct-drive servo motors from two of its select distribution partners – Kollmorgen and Emoteq. In addition, Spinea zero backlash gear unit solutions for high torque / through aperture applications are available.

Further extending its motion components and systems capability, Heason Technology has added a new range of precision slip ring assemblies and rotary joints to its extensive product portfolio. The range includes complete assemblies for rotary-to-stationary transmission of electrical signals, video signals, field buses etc. and power up to 50A and beyond.

The precision devices include long-life gold and precious-alloy rings and brushes, with up to 96 circuits in standard designs that span miniature capsule units and large diameter packaged designs – some with through holes. Also available are fibre-optic rotary joints. Furthermore, as part of its extensive custom design service, Heason is able to combine these various technologies in customised packaged assemblies as well as design-in features such as environmental protection for hostile environments or special interfacing. The complete range is characterised by high reliability, long working life, smooth operation with low friction torque, and with competitive cost and excellent value.

Slip ring assemblies are also widely used where the rotary transmission is not directly servo motor driven for applications that include but are not limited to converting machinery, wind turbines, machine tools and many special purpose machines. For these applications, Heason can call upon its extensive experience for custom designed, assembled and fully tested system solutions for precision motion, says the company.

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