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Analysis of future market demand for slip ring

2011-08-26 09:21Slip rings

Slip ring products develop very fast and many types regenerate every year. When this industry is just at the beginning stage in the previous years, there are only a few domestic manufacturers and most of them use the foreign equipments such as Moog, Simens, etc., these brands have a high quality but very expensive which the common people couldnt accept. So theres no cost advantage to use these equipments and its very passive in competition especially for the mass production, the civilian of the small equipment is high and the selling price is low, if adding these high cost of high electric slip ring, there will have problem in product promotion.

Take the small high-speed ball equipment as an examplethe price is not high but widely used all over the country now. Why it can spread so fast? The main reason is that it has an advantage in price relatively. The cost of entire product is down due to the use of domestic components of slip rings. If using moog slip ring, then a slip ring will be much higher than the entire high-speed ball, not to mention its competitiveness. Now most of the imported expensive slip rings are used in the high-end precision instruments, automation equipments and part of the military field which have the same expensive price.

Today I searched from Baidu that there are more than ten slip ring manufactures, and many of them are new factories. It makes me thinking about the development of electric slip ring in the future. With more manufactures, there will have malicious competition. In next two or three years, those manufactures which havent core competitiveness will gradually withdraw from the market because of the lower price and little profit. The centralization and automation of industry will become increasingly high, if only care on the price and ignore the quality; its a fatal blow to this industry especially for the domestic electric slip rings. As one of th few largest domestic manufacturers, Senring has the responsibility to improve the production process and quality while reducing the cost, and enable the customer to get more benefit, also develop and promote the business with its own advantages. Base on the numerous engineers and technicians, Senring will mainly focus on the special slip ring business in the future; our engineer will design the satisfactory product as long as customer need. High quality is always the development direction for Senring, and Senring will never give up it no matter how intense the competition is. As an enterprise, giving up it means giving up the whole enterprise.

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