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The third party authorization test report of Senring conductive slip ring

2017-01-20 11:48Slip rings

The spring festival of 2017 is approaching. At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and welcomeing the fresh, All colleagues of Shenzhen Senring Electronics Co., Ltd. here send sincere New Year wishes to customers both at home and abroad!


Based on the support and trust of customers in domestic and foreign enterprise including Foxconn, Huawei, Siemens, Anchuan Electromechanical, China Shipbuilding Industry, etc., Senring has made a great improvment and each index of the number of slip-ring patents, production scale, product quality, research and development strength and number of employees ranks first in the industry.

Through consultation of leaders in the company, the new year holiday arrangement of 2017 is as below: the holiday begains at January 21, 2017 (Saturday) and ends on February 4, 2017. On february 5 (the nineth day of January of lunar), we begain to work officially. For offering a better service experience before and after sales, during the holiday, please contact us through the following methods for any needs:

1、Email: [email protected], [email protected] (we will contact you immediately after the holiday)


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