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Y Series High Temperature Thermocouple Slip Ring

SenRing Y series high temperature thermocouple slip rings, key materials are imported from Germany and Japan,applied to transmit power and thermocouple signal when 360° rotating, can work stably in 100~250℃ high temperature working conditions such as hot roller, heating equipments... ,Long time practice applications convince its execellent trasmitting performace and reliable quality.

  1. Y series high temperature thermocouple slip ringY series high temperature thermocouple slip ring
  2. Y series high temperature thermocouple slip ringY series high temperature thermocouple slip ring
can work stably in 100~250℃ high temperature working conditions
Can transmit various thermometry signals of PT100 and K type thermocouple,the accuracy of thermometry is less than 0.1℃;
military super hard gold plating treatment for contact points make sure low electrical noise and long working life;
Advantages: low torque, low loss, low electrical noise, no maintenance,etc.
Part no. description
Y - ID OD - power circuits - signal circuits - working temp.
Y:High Temperature Slip Ring
1056:ID 10mm,OD 56mm
2086:ID 20mm,OD 86mm
3099:ID 30mm,OD 99mm
4099:ID 40mm,OD 99mm
50119:ID 50mm,OD 119mm
60130:ID 50mm,OD 119mm
70140:ID 70mm,OD 140mm
80158:ID 80mm,OD 158mm
100185:ID 100mm,OD 185mm
0210: 2 wires 10A
0620: 6 wires 20A
0830: 8 wires 30A
02S: 2 wires 2A signal
06S: 6 wires 2A signal

Y1056-06S-200:Y1056 means high temperature thermocouple slip ring (hole size 10mm,OD 56MM),06S means 6 circuits signal(thermocouple signal optional),200 means working temperature 200℃;

Y3099-0210-02S-250:Y3099 means high temperature thermocouple slip ring (hole size 30mm.OD 99mm),0210 means 2 circuits signal(thermocouple signal optional),250 means working temperature 250℃.

Y series high temperature thermocouple slip ring
Model List
Model ID OD
length L Pls refer to below table according Spec Code marked on above drawing
Y1056105621.2+ rings no. *2.86612683M3
Y2086208624+ rings no. *48.59.519.51104M4
Y3099309924+ rings no. *48.59.519.51224M4
Y4099409924+ rings no. *48.59.519.51224M4
Y501205012028+ rings no. *48.59.519.51444M4
Y601306013028+ rings no. *499.519.51564M4
Y701407014034+ rings no. *499.519.51604M4
Y801588015834+ rings no. *41212261925M6
Y10018510018540+ rings no. *41212262185M6
Y12021512021548+ rings no. *41512262485M6
Y15024815024856+ rings no. *51612262805M8
Y18029818029860+ rings no. *51615353326M8
Y20032020032060+ rings no. *51615353506M8
Y25039625039678+ rings no. *51615354206M8
Y30043043030096+ rings no. *62515354646M12

"rings no." explanation: each 2A/5A signal circuit as 1 ring ,N signal circuits as N*1 rings; each PT100 channel as 3 rings, each K type thermocouple as 2 rings; each 10A circuit as 1 ring, each 20A circuit as 2 rings, each 30A circuit as 3 rings ,and so on.

For example :2 circuits signal as 2 rings,2 circuits 10A current as 2 rings,1 circuit 20A as 2 rings,2 circuits 20A as 4 rings,1 circuit 30A current as 3 rings,2 circuits 30A as 6 rings.

Technical Specification of the slip ring
Mechanical Data Electrical Data
spec data spec data
working life 80 millions for ref(depends on working conditions) power signal
Rotating speed 250RPM voltage range 0∼690VAC/VDC 0∼440VAC/VDC
working temp. -30℃∼80℃ insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ/500VDC ≥1000MΩ/500VDC
work humidity 0~85%RH lead wire spec. AWG17# Silver-plated teflon AWG22# Silver-plated teflon
contact material precious metal:gold-gold lead wire length standard 150mm(can be customized)
torque 0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6路 Electrical noise < 0.01Ω
CE certificate Yes
SenRing Y series high temperature slip ring is applied to any devices to conduct eletricity and transmit PT100、thermocouple、 power signal under -40℃~250℃ condition when 360° rotating ,like hot roller,heating devices.
How to improve the working life and stability of dry mechanical products by using SenRing high temperature slip ring.
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324

Remark: the first wire (ring 1#)starts from rotor side , such as Y1056-06S-180 wire color sequence: BLK/BRN/RED/ORG/WHT/GRN , 24 color wires as one group , if more than 24wires, repeat as sequence , use number tube to tell group 1#, 2#....

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