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Low Cost Carbon Brush Slip Ring

As leading of manufacturer of carbon brush slip ring in domestic, Senring provides low cost conductive slip ring of solutions. we reseached 2 rings,3 rings, 4 rings and more series of carbon brush slip ring.

The traditional carbon brush and commutator collector ring are used together to realize the mechanical commutation, to ensure that the input to the DC motor output power as DC . With the development of power electronic technology, brushless DC motor using electronic devices have begun to widely used. Other motors (induction motor and synchronous motor) for AC motor, no brush structure. Brush can only exist in the DC motor. The slip ring used connected with a current between two objects relative movement. The most common is the motor commutator, also has the linear motion of the car, motor car of brush .

  1. 10 circuits power(50A) carbon brush slip ring
  2. 718 wires 600A carbon brush slip ring for recreation facilities
Can transfer high current power;
Carbon brushes are less wearable than electronic brushes; need regular maintenance and cleaning of carbon;
More weight than the electronic brushes slip ring;
Compared with Senring electronic brushes slip ring: below 1000A, electronic brushes slip ring is recommended; more than 1000A, carbon brushes slip ring is recommended.
Model List
model Rings
ID(mm) OD (mm) Ring Space(mm) Ring Width(mm) Heigh(mm)
SNT35-02 2 rings 35mm 69mm 10mm 12mm 46mm
SNT43-02 2 rings 43mm 78mm 11mm 10mm 40mm
SNT54-02 2 rings 54mm 100mm 14mm 15mm 50mm
SNT60-02 2 rings 60mm 134mm 16mm 10mm 51mm
SNT22-02 2 rings 22mm 48mm 12mm 8mm 45mm
SNT30-03 3 rings 30mm 75mm 10mm 12mm 76mm
SNT40-03 3 rings 40mm 70mm 6mm 12mm 53mm
SNT34-03 3 rings 34mm 80mm 6mm 18mm 75mm
SNT35-03 3 rings 35mm 80mm 15mm 12mm 87mm
SNT55-03 3 rings 55mm 102mm 20mm 12mm 90mm
SNT22-04 4 rings 22mm 48mm 6mm 8mm 64mm
SNT24-04 4 rings 24mm 57mm 6mm 10mm 66mm
SNT30-04 4 rings 30mm 67mm 12mm 9mm 97mm
SNT38-04 4 rings 38mm 72mm 8mm 10mm 74mm
SNT30-04 4 rings 30mm 87mm 8mm 10mm 78mm

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions,E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]

How to choose slip ring models
It would be better for the customers to choose the electronics brush slip ring. But if the current is more than 1000A, carbon brushes slip ring is a better choice. You just need to tell Senring technical personnel the parameters including channels, current of each channel, hole size, OD and so on, we will provide a suitable solutions and drawings for you in free accroding to your parameters.
Rings: 2~4 Rings,more Rings can be customized;
Hole size: without hole(solid) to~60mm,other hole size can be customized;
Circuits: 2~3000A;
More specfication: more specification can be customized according to requirement.
Applied projects
Working pronciple and structure chart of Senring carbon brush slip ring (carbon brush collector ring)
Video demo of Senring [email protected]+ [email protected] large current carbon brush collector ring
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
ring no.131415161718192021222324
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