HT series High Temperature Slip Ring( max temperature 250℃)

  • Relying on strong R & D ability and experienced engineers,Senring developedhigh temperature slip ring successfully the slip ring could work in 250℃ environments with reliable performance, excellent quality and 360 °any direction of rotation
  • Specially designed for hot roller,heating equipment
  • HTH(with through hole),HTM(solid) two series
  • the high temperature rotary joints Could transmit thermal signals of PT100 and K-type thermocouple with temperature measuring accuracy less than 0.1℃
  • Contact material used military hard gold plated which ensure low resistance fluctuation and long work life
  • Support combined transmission for signal and power
  • Low torque,low loss and maintenance,low electrical noise
Model# PDF Power type of temp measuring Temp range Voltage
Working speed More
HTH3099_0230_02S_250 specification 6KW PT100/ K-type thermocouple -40°C~250°C 440V 250RPM HTH3099-0230-02S-250 High Temperature Slip Ring
HTM034_0210_06S_250 specification 2KW PT100/ K-type thermocouple -40°C~250°C 250V 250RPM HTM034-0210-06S-250 High Temperature Slip Ring