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SNF Series Large current slip ring(Wind turbine slip ring)

6 circuits each circuit 30A current,OD 30mm

SNF-0630 is large current,compact capsule slip ring,which is reseach and development of specializing consume electronics,small wind turbine equipment,revolving stage of lights industry, and the material used gold to gold contact,ensure the stablity and working life

Different color wires used for rotor side and stator side,it is convenient for connect wires. conductive ring adopt 90°V-groove design makes more contact surface,more smooth rotation,lower torque and lower dynamic resistance

Standard Part No.Description:

SNF-0630 means:large current capsule slip ring,6 circuits each circuit 30A current
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SNF-0630 high current slip ring

Drawing& Dimension

Technical specification

Model PDF OD*length
Circuits current/each circuit Voltage
Max speed Lead spec. 
30mmx65.7mm 6 30A <380V 250RPM AWG#12
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