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Application for small wind turbine of Senring large current slip ring

As people pay more attention to the environment and renewable energy, small wind turbine widely used, then slip ring is one of important accessories. Senring developed SNF-04, SNF060-0360, SNF025-0360 seires large current slip ring and so on, more than 10 standard models wind turbine slip ring. if you checked our all data and found no any model match your product, we need make customization about different requirement, like current, voltage and work speed. Senring offered high quality wind turbine slip ring in wordwide . (like Europe, USA)

Senring SNF series large current slip ring widely used for wind turbine
Senring SNF series large current slip ring widely used for wind turbine

As we well know, wind turbine is made of head, twist, tail, leaf blade. The blade to accept the wind into electricity through the head, to ensure that the blade 360 degree continuous rotation, need to use the slip ring for transmit electricity. In order to ensure that the very low friction contact is reliable and stable transmission current. Senring developed slip ring that the core of technical is gold to gold contact ring and fiber brush with low friction and long life. Our wind turbine slip ring have more than 10 standard models, current available from 5A、10A、15A to 300A,circuits available from 2 circuits to 12 circuits. If our all models can't match your needs, pls contact us for make customization.

Senring SNF series large curre
Senring SNF series large curre

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