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Slip ring quality testing equipment

For ensure the quality of each product , Senring brings in a full set of testing equipments to test each slip ring including Signal transmitting test,Life test,Vibration test,Low-high temperature test,Salt spray test,Hi-pot test,Torque test,IP grade test,Large current test,Vacuum test,Two dimensional measuring ,Insolution resistance/Dielectric strength test, Electron microscope measuring,Contact resistance test....

Slip Ring & Rotary Union Vibration reliability test

Vibration reliability test

Vibration test, simulating environments when transportation , installation and working to check the endurance capacity of vibration for each product.

Concentricity test

Concentricity test, to ensure the precision of slip ring , improve the transmitting performance and extend working life

Concentricity test
Vacuum Test

Vacuum Test

Vacuum test, Some special customized Pneumatic (or hydraulic) -electrical slip Ring requires to transmit power, video, control signals and air, gas, oil at the same time when 360°rotating, vacuum test is to ensure no leaking.

Two dimensional measuring

Two dimensional measuring , slip ring is a precise product, we require to measure the critical dimensions for all components.

Slip ring Two dimensional measuring
Dielectric voltage withstand test

Dielectric voltage withstand test

Insolution resistance/Dielectric strength test, it is a basic test to check the slip ring performance for transmitting.

Contact resistance test

Contact resistance test, besides of electrical noise test, we also do contact resistance test for each slip ring.

Slip ring Contact resistance test
Fiber optic slip ring loss measurements

Fiber optic slip ring loss measurements

Insertion loss test for Fiber Optic Rotary Joint, to check the insertion loss of FORJ when 360°rotating, it is a key data for the Fiber transmitting.

Torque Testing

Torque test, since each slip ring has different torque requirement according to different applications, especially for some customized waterproof,dustproof slip rings, customer needs the torque data for installation, so we do torque test for slip ring before delivery.

Slip ring Torque Testing
High and low temperature test

High and low temperature test

Low-high temperature test, constant temperature & humidity equipment and hot & cold impact equipment to check if the slip ring could work and transmit the power and data signals normally under constant/hot/cold environment.

Signal loss detection dead

Signal transmitting test, slip ring not only to transmit power, but also transmit video,analog and digital signals, we test the packet loss rate of signals for slip rings.

Slip ring Signal loss detection dead
Dynamic change in resistance test

Dynamic change in resistance test

Electrical noise test, electrical noise is a key technical data for signal transmitting, we test each slip ring strictly to ensure it complying with Senring standard.

IP level detection / waterproof detection

IP grade test, slip ring is a precise component, according to working conditions, some waterproof/dustproof slip rings even require IP 68, to ensure the slip rings meet IP grade requirements, IP grade test is conducted.

Rotary Joint IP level detection / waterproof detection
Rotary Union Electron microscopic measurement

Electron microscopic measurement

Electron microscope measuring, Besides of larger size slip rings, Senring also produces compact slip rings. We use electron microscope to check the dimensions of the small materials.

High current test

Large current test, to test some slip ring with large current more than 50A or more

Slip ring High current test
Slip ring Micrometer Measuring

Micrometer Measuring

Microcalliper measuring , to measure some key components which has strict dimensions requirements, precision of measurement is 0.01mm.

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