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A leading global manufacturer of slip ring
Senring gives high priority to the quality, all slip Ring are finished under strict control process standard with advanced design, strict production control, testing and good after-sale service according to national standard, industrial standard and European standard.
Qualified employees contribute to the reliable products, Staff first is Senring’s principle, we always believe that the quality of products stands for a person with good personality.
Customer first, service foremost!
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SENRING Electronics Co.,LimitedSENRING Electronics Co.,Limited

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Factory address: F4, Building B, QiaoYun Industrial Park, No. 1 DaHua Road, Yanchuan, SongGang, ShenZhen, 518105, China

SENRING Electronics Co.,Limited

Senring products: slip ring,electrical slip ring,rotary union,rotary joint,provide not only standard products, but also custom rotary solutions.

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