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G1/8" (6~8mm pipe)Pneumatic swivel Joint & Rotary union Joint

Senring 30X1 seriesPneumatic swivel joint(Rotary Union) reliably seal and transfer gas,fluid and vacuum such as steam,compressed air,water,hot oil,hydraulic oil,vacuum,liquid,vitriol,drinks.... when 360° rotating. 2,4,6,8,12 passage optional.,it can transmit mixed 2~56 circuits power and signals such as control signal,servo motor signal,switch signal,micro signal,USB,HDMI,ethernet,etc.which can support vavious pipes of 4mm, 6mm, 8m,etc.We can quickly modify our standard rotary unions to fit your needs: info@senring.com senring.us@gmail.com, sales@senring.com

  1. Pneumatic swivel Joint
  2. 1 gas passage (mix 1~24circuits electrical) rotary union
  3. 3020006 series 20 passage pneumatic rotary union
Transmit Pnuematic/Hydraulic,such as steam,compressed air,cooling water,hydraulic oil,vacuum....
Transmit mixed power and signals ....
2,4,6,8,12 Pneumatic&Flow passage optional,can be customized
2~56 circuits power/signal channel optional
Standard ports G1/8",can be customized
Support vavious pipes of 4mm,6mm,8m,etc
More specification can be customized: port size,gas/flow passage no.,electrical channel no.,etc
Part no. description
30 X1 - 004 - X3A - X4S
30: Rotary Union
X1:Passage No.
02:2 Passages, 04:4 Passages
06:6 Passages, 08:8 Passages
12:12 Passages
004: Pipe size
004: 4mm Pipe(Port M5)
X3:Power Circuits
A: Current
For Example:
X4: Signal Circuits
S: signal(<2A)
For Example:
06S: 6circuits
12S: 12circuits
36S: 36circuits

3004006 : 4 gas/flow passage rotary union,port G1/8",support 6~8mm pipe

3004006-12S : 4 passage(gas/flow,port G1/8",support 6~8mm pipe)+12 circuits electrical(0~2A power/signal)

3008006-0610-18S : 8 passage(gas/flow,port G1/8",support 6~8mm pipe)+ 6 circuits@10A+18 circuits signal@2A

Model List
2 passage G1/8" port(6~8mm pipe) Hydraulic rotary unions pdf
30X1 Series Pneumatic,Hydraulic-Electrical Rotary Unions/Rotary Joints (G1/8" port)
Part No. Passages(Gas/Flow) Port Size Pipe Size Circuits (power/signal) Spec. Sheet (PDF)
2 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm Rotary Union Only
2 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm 2~56 circuits
2 Passages( with center hole 30mm) G1/8" 6~8mm Rotary Union Only
2 Passages( with center hole 30mm) G1/8" 6~8mm 2~56 circuits
4 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm Rotary Union Only
4 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm 2~56 circuits
6 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm Rotary Union Only
6 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm 2~56 circuits
8 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm Rotary Union Only
8 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm 2~56 circuits
12 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm Rotary Union Only
12 Passages G1/8" 6~8mm 2~56 circuits

*If no standard models suitable , contact us for custom solutions: info@senring.com senring.us@gmail.com, sales@senring.com

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Working presentation of Senring rotary unions
How does Senring 4 passages Pnuematic/Hydraulic+Electrical Rotary Unions Work?
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