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3001015 Series 1-Passages Rotary Unions

1-Passage+2~96 Circuits Electrical,support 1 G1/2" port for 12~15mm pipes

Senring 1-passages rotary unions 3001015 series,support G1/2" port for 12~15mm pipes,can transfer various mediums including air,steam,vacuum,cooling water,air,steam,vacuum,cBrake Fluid,Coolant,MQL,Hot OilVacuum,etc when 360° rotating, Advantages : compact size, light weight , low torque. It also can combine to transmit 2 to 96 circuits of electrical power and signal. 3001015 series are widely appplied in industrial equipments such as Corrugating,Floor & Wall Covering,General Industry,Machine Tool,Mining,Oil & Gas,Paper...etc.

Support transmit mixed power and signals,such as USB,HDMI, 1000M ethernet, VGA, DVI, coaxial RF (high frequency),servo motor signal,industrial bus slip rings,etc.;
360° transmit compressed air,steam,vacuum,negative pressure,positive pressure,cooling water,hot oil,etc.
Max. Pressure(s):10Mpa (vacuum: -1.5kPa, higher Pressure can be customized);
Standard version with flange mounting,can be customized with hollow shaft mounting;
Support 1 G1/2" port for 12~15mm pipes;
3001015(12~15mm pipe one passage Rotary Unions))
3001015 G1/2 10~12mm pipe 1 passage Rotary Unions Drawing
Part No. description
3001015 1 passage Hollow Shaft Rotary Unions
Model list
Model ListPassages(Gas/Flow)Power Circuits(10A)Signal Circuits(2A)Length L(mm)
3001015-02S1 passage0232
3001015-02101 passage2032
3001015-03S1 passage0336
3001015-03101 passage3036
3001015-06S1 passage0648
3001015-0210-04S1 passage2448
3001015-0410-02S1 passage4248
3001015-06101 passage6048
3001015-12S1 passage01272
3001015-0210-10S1 passage21072
3001015-0310-09S1 passage3972
3001015-0610-06S1 passage6672
3001015-0810-04S1 passage8472
3001015-1010-02S1 passage10272
3001015-12101 passage12072
3001015-18S1 passage01896
3001015-0210-16S1 passage21696
3001015-0410-14S1 passage41496
3001015-0610-12S1 passage61296
3001015-0810-10S1 passage81096
3001015-1010-08S1 passage10896
3001015-1210-06S1 passage12696
3001015-1410-04S1 passage14496
3001015-1610-02S1 passage16296
3001015-24S1 passage024120
3001015-0410-20S1 passage420120
3001015-0610-18S1 passage618120
3001015-1210-12S1 passage1212120
3001015-1810-06S1 passage186120
3001015-24101 passage240120
3001015-30S1 passage030144
3001015-0610-24S1 passage624144
3001015-1210-18S1 passage1218144
3001015-1810-12S1 passage1812144
3001015-2410-06S1 passage246144
3001015-30101 passage300144
3001015-36S1 passage036168
3001015-0610-30S1 passage630168
3001015-1210-24S1 passage1224168
3001015-36101 passage360168
3001015-42S1 passage042192
3001015-0610-36S1 passage636192
3001015-1210-30S1 passage1230192
3001015-48S1 passage048216
3001015-0610-42S1 passage642216
3001015-1010-38S1 passage1038214
3001015-1210-36S1 passage1236216
3001015-1810-30S1 passage1830216
3001015-2410-24S1 passage2424216
3001015-60S1 passage060264
3001015-0610-54S1 passage654264
3001015-1010-50S1 passage1050264
3001015-72S1 passage072312
3001015-96S1 passage096408
Technical Specification
Rotary Unions & Joints Spec.
Passages(Gas/Flow) 1 passage Max. Operating Pressure Positive Pressure 10Mpa, Vacuum -1.5kPa
Pipe Size 15mm pipe, G1/2" Port torque 0.2N.m
Mechanical Data Electrical Data
spec. data spec. data
Working life 20millions for ref(depends on working conditions) Power Signal
Max. Operating Speed 250RPM continously, 1000RPM intermittently Voltage range 0~440VAC/VDC 0~440VAC/VDC
Working temp. -30°C~80°C Insolution resistance <500MΩ/300VDC <500MΩ/300VDC
Work humidity 0~85% RH Lead wire spec. AWG17# Silver-plated teflon wire AWG22# Silver-plated teflon wire
Contact Materia Precious Metal Lead wire length standard 250mm(can be customized)
Housing Material aluminum alloy Insolution resistance [email protected],6s
IP Grade IP51 Electrical noise <0.01Ω
Color code of Lead Wire
ring no.123456789101112
color blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
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