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Installation guide of capsule slip ring, 3D drawing-Senring slip ring

2014-07-12 05:23Slip rings

SNM series is mini dimension (also can be customized for large dimension), it is applied to consumer electronics, like high speed dome, UAV, Intelligent toy and so on. here introduced installation guide, slip ring structure for reference

Installation guide of capsule slip ring


installation guide (3D)

below 3D drawing for installation guide , for example, mounting slip ring to robot.

3D drawing-Senring slip ring



3D drawing-Senring slip ring


Working principle

SNM series through hole slip ring of working principle same as others slip ring, the slip ring not rotate by self, it need mount any devices when need 360 rotating, and transmit power, signals (like USB, fiber optic, canbus signals and so on)


SNM series 3D installation drawing

here introduced installation guide of standard through hole slip ring, for others customized model also can be refer installation guide 。 Installation guide: fix flange to the static part of equipment with screws (or mounting the shaft), the lead wire of rotor could be used for connect concentrically for transmit signals and power when 360 rotating.

Installation guide of capsule slip ring

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