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2013-04-20 05:20Slip rings

Senring A seriesMercury Slip Ringalso called mercury rotary joint, it better reliability than the brush slip ring, no maintenance, low cost. below introduced installtion guide for mercury slip ring, if have any question pls click online service or call us. slip ring+86-755-33259335

mercury slip ring


installation guide of mercury slip ring

installation guide:

mercury slip ring
mercury slip ring


Working principle

Mercury slip ring is produced with special sealing materials, insolution and conductive techlology.


installation guide

Below picture which is mercury slip ring was applied for electroplating equipment , mounting rotary joint to shaft, then holding by electric wire . 安装说明:滑环有转子和定子,用于在旋转装置上进行固定,有些时候由于转子与定子在安装时难以保证同心,建议用四个紧定螺钉将其固定在旋转装置的旋转轴上,设备静止端的销子插入止转片即可,千万不要强行固定止转片,否则会导致滑环损坏或达不到预期的寿命。此外,由于光纤比较脆弱,安装的时候要主要保护好接头,不要折断和污损,以免影响信号传输质量。


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