SNH008 series 8mm through bore slip ring

hole size:8mm,OD: 35mm

SNH008 series is mini through hole slip ring, hole size 8mm, suitable for shaft 8mm <=8mm),OD 35mm,housing material can be use plastic, aluminum alloy or stainless, it is ingergal precision slip ring. current is 2A, (5A/10A also workable) if have more requirement about hole size 8mm, OD 35mm,slip ring,or request customization products or solutions: Sales Tel No:86-755-29717812 or email: or

hole size 8mm,OD: 35mm;
standard model 2-12 circuits workable;
small OD size,stable performance, long lifertime;
stock available;
integrated structure design, easy installation;
Senring SNH008 series slip ring are applied to any devices where requires to transmit power and signals when 360 rotating for small OD 35mm, 。
Technology specfication
circuits 2~12 circuits(more circuits can be customized) current standard 5A/10A (customized)
voltage 250 VDC/VAC Max speed 600RPM
Hole size 8mm(或<=8mm) OD 35mm
Housing material aluminum alloy Torque 0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6 circuit
Working life >50 millions revolutions (depend on working speed, environment) Contact material precious metal:gold-silver
Electrical noise <10mΩ @6VDC,50mA,5RPM Contact resistance <20mΩ(AWG16#,300mm)
Dielectric strength [email protected],10s 导线规格Wires spec. UL [email protected],Awg16
Dielectric strength 1000MΩ@600VDC,10s Wire length 300mm
Working termperature -40℃ ~ 85°C IP grade IP51
Mechanical vibration MIL-STD-810E Working humidity 10% ~ 85% RH
material RoHS certification CE certification yes
Model description
for example, SNH008-1205,“008”means hole size 8mm, OD 35mm, 1205 means 12 wires each circuits 5A, if above listed model not match your needs, pls contact us for customziation.
SNH008 series model description
For example:
SNH008-1205 SNH menas Senring through hole series,8mm hole size 8mm, OD 35mm,total 12 wires,each circuits 5A current;
SNH008-0610 SNH menas Senring through hole series,hole size 8mm,OD 35mm,total 6 circuits, each circuits 10A current
SNH008-0320 SNHmenas Senring through hole series,hole size 8mm,OD 35mm, total 3 circuits, each circuits 20A current
*reminder:5A circuits could be connected in parallel to be used as circuits no.*5A,such as two paralleling 5A circuits could be used as one 10A circuit
standard model list
model currentcircuitstotal circuitsL--Length(mm)
standard drawing
SNH008 008mm installation drawing
hole size 8mm, 12 circuits 5A through hole slip ring
hole size 8mm, 12 circuits 5A through hole slip ring
SUB&VGA slip ring
Lead wire color code
ring no.123456789101112
color no.blackbrownredorangeyellowgreenbluepurplegreywhitepinklightblue
* 12 colors wires as a group,repeat from 13...24, each group wire marked with No. tube(1,2,3,4...)